LAHORE/PAKISTAN : THE IMPRESSIVE COMBINATION of  calligraphy, geometrical and floral decoration is unique and makes-

The Wazir Khan Mosque stand out an epitome of exquisiteness and beauty, balance and grandeur.

Many of us despite spending an entire lives here in Lahore / Pakistan have no clue where the Wazir Khan Mosque is located and despite it being considered the real jewel of the world.

I must say that Lahore's beauty is incomplete without this majestic piece of architecture.

Among the  architectural monuments of Lahore, the  Wazir Khan Mosque has a very significant position.

The dominating feature of this mosque are the fresco, vibrant-colors  and calligraphy. Once you enter the mosque you will feel yourself in a world filled with colors, peace, tranquility and serenity that will appease appease your mind and soul.

This is a unique monument and not only reflects the spirit and talent of the Mughal builders, but also of the artisans, who remained anonymous but their contribution in the making, design and wall painting makes visiting the mosque not only a spiritual but also an aesthetic experience.

 The mosque was built under the patronage of the governor of Lahore Wazir Khan. It is stated in historic that the mosque's foundation was in 1634  and was completed in 1641, during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

It is said that  during Shah Jahan's reign, architecture flourished across the Mughal empire.

His famous masterpieces include The Taj Mahal , Sheesh Mahal Lahore and Shalimar Gardens.

The Wazir Khan Mosque is another  architectural masterpiece of Shah Jahan;s era  and is located deep within the ancient city of Lahore, inside Delhi gate.

You can access this monument while walking on the royal trail which is also known as shahi guzargah. The trail was named so because the Mughals used this route while traveling from Delhi to Lahore Fort.

On the route inside Chowk Wazir Khan you will see this great mosque standing majestically.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Tania Querishi.


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