ISLAMABAD / PAKISTAN : The newly elected government of Pakistan's Tehreek---Insaf plans to launch the Digital Transformation Initiative Programme for digital infrastructure , citizens services and other e-government services-

To boost Information Technology [IT] sector and significantly enhance its precious foreign exchange contribution to the national kitty.

The incoming party intends to provide maximum facility to people through digitalisation of various departments in order to increase the transparency, saving students and people headaches, time and energy.

The Pakistan Tehreeq -i- Insaf [PTI] in its manifesto has given priority to the IT and Telecom sector in view of its importance to national economy, also plans to establish a Centralised Knowledge Economy Authority with an objective of making IT the top contributor to exports and job creation.

The authority, having statutory powers for procurement, policies and regulations, will be headed by Chief Information Officer [ CIO ] who would ensure that a connected and shared-ecosystem is developed aligned to central strategy in partnership with industry that can provide basis for digitilisation not currently possible due to isolated and fragmented approach.

The CIO will also provide expert leadership and will be from private sector.

This is to ensure that the authority works with a more agile mindset compared to existing governmental bureaucracy.

The part has introduced its official digital policy under a vision to transform Pakistan into a knowledge economy.

A digital policy document has revealed that strategic guidance will be provided by a committee  chaired by the prime minister, comprising cabinet members and members from the industry.

A centrally-led hybrid governance model is proposed where provinces will also appoint CIOs who will be responsible to align provincial digital policies and programmes with the national programme.


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