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IN TRUTH : In unvarnished truth, ..... Cornell University,...............

You, the - Great Students of this Great University, Cornell, your observations, your experiences, your deductions, will never ever be real and true, if you have not researched, and read, and while visiting,  stopped over-

To Firstly, pay respects at the earthly abodes of the Great Saints of the world and Pakistan, who brought light, and illumination, education and learning for the entire Humanity 

And with that, the World Student Society stops to offer prayers for peace and prosperity and well being for the entire Mankind.............. Ameen!

Merium, Rabo, Shahzaib, Salar,  Haleema, Saima, Dee, Aqsa, Sarah, Zainab, Seher, Emaan, Armeen, Maynah,  Haanyia, to inform the students of Cornell University.

Here then, when two Great Pakistani students in US attempted to bust myths and falsehood regarding Pakistan.............................

The group then drove to Islamabad on the 3rd of April, where they met Ali Jahangir Siddiqui, Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States and a fellow Cornell Alum.

Zohair and Shan, in fact, would like to thank Mr. Siddiqui for helping organize the entire trip. The participants also met former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and held a very frank question answer session with him.

Our Mexican friend, Arturo, reminisces about these interactions and claims he could ''feel the power of change in Islamabad.

Brian Guo, a business student at Cornell also highlights his time in Islamabad and said, ''Some of the organised meetings with the  Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff, Ambassador Designate to the US [a Cornell Alum] -

The lead activist for civil rights, Mohammed Jibran Nasir, and Babar Ali, the business mogul that developed and grew the private sector, definitely provided memorable experiences.

The group then headed to Hunza on the 4th of April, possibly beginning the most breath-taking part of their tour. In Hunza they visited the historic Baltit and Altiti Forts and also visited Ciqam, a skill development centre that trains women in carpentry and masonry.

The students thus witnessed not only Pakistan's natural beauty but also became acquainted with the region's local economy.

Their tour then took them to visit the famous Attabad lake on the 5th of April, along with a visit to the country's iconic Paasu Cones.

Sharlene Castle, another participant said, said about the trip to Hunza, ''visiting Hunza was incredible. I didn't know that Pakistan had such beautiful, varied, scenery and getting to see that part of the country was lovely.

Sarah Cartagena, meanwhile, perfectly described Hunza when she said, ''I have never seen such an incredible landscape as I did in Hunza. It was as if [it was] photo-shopped to perfection.''

Our guests then returned to Islamabad on the 6th of April, and headed straight for Remount Depot, Mona, where they witnessed a special polo match that had been arranged for them.

They then visited the Director General, Inter-Services Public Relations and the Chief of Army Staff , General Qamar Bajwa in the General Headquarters, Rawalpindi on the 7th of April.

The students remember their interactions with the top brass of the army as highly comfortable, informal and enlightening. Both the COAS and the DG ISPR answered the students questions and dispelled many of the suspicions they harboured of Pakistan's military.

The participants then capped of this fascinating tour with a visit to Faisal Mosque and with a dinner in Monal, and then flew back to New York City on the 8th of April, with their lives and perceptions of Pakistan forever changed.

As Brian Guo said : ''My view of Pakistan is definitely one of positivity now,'' while Emily Liao claimed, '' I'm not sure what Americans  think when they think of Pakistan.''

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