IN PROUD PAKISTAN - For the past 70 years, the same dynasties - the Arbabs, the Makhdums, the  Khans - and the nouveau rich have been ruling the country.

It is somewhat of a reasonable, even a good omen that  a democratic government is gone peacefully.  Democracy is  sputtering and chugging along, glitches and bumps along.

Come and Go, it is is yet to be known how many people have access to clean drinking water. Did health facilities improve?  What about education? What about joblessness?

Hundreds and thousand of children  school-going  age are out of schools. Quality and affordable education is still a very distant dream for majority of the people.

Frequent outages still persist. Natural gas is still not available in most parts of the country. Water crises, environmental   issues, delays in the dispensation of justice, and burgeoning external debt  are just some of the very few listed unending problems that the country is faced with.

The rich are hardly affected by these problems. None of the mentioned problems, except for environmental disasters or global warming, can equally affect them. The problems mentioned above can only be solved by sincere representatives of the people.

Pakistan's democracy is not a democracy.

According to Aristotle - who brackets democracy as a bad form of government - democracy is when the indigent, and not men of property, are the rulers.

Pakistan's politicians will never, ever change.

They either change parties or put their relatives in another party just to remain in power. They have  ready-made solutions to people's problems and are skilled at grabbing their votes.

Once in parliament, these elected representatives forget what they promised their voters.

The  classical Marxists hold the view that rulers draft and enact laws for their own sake, leaving the commoners, to wallow and submerge firstly, in their dreams and then in their very thick miseries.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Hanif-ur-Rehman.


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