IN JUST 7 -8 days, Tarbela and Mangla dams will reach dead level and if it happens, then it will be the first ever in Pakistan water history as there is-

No precedent in the past, that both reservoirs have reached the deal level in the month of first week of July.

Pakistan currently has 1.3 million acre feet of water in dams knowing the fact that the same period last year country had stored 5.8MAF water, the official said.

''It clearly speaks how bad the situation is.''

Keeping in view the impending worsening situation. Irsa on Thursday issued the warning to all federating units particularly Punjab and Sindh asking them to make the contingent plans to tackle more tough days to come, reveals the copy of the letter written to Punjab and Sindh.

The Irsa data, while painting existing water inflows all rivers, unfolds that in Indus river, water flow so far as stumbled by 179 percent as the existing inflows stand at 95,000 cusecs per day, whereas, they were at 222,000 cusecs per day in last year this time.

In the Kabul River, water inflows  reduced by 11 percent and the existing inflows stand at 40,000  cusecs if compared with the inflows of  61,000  cusecs in last year in the same time.

However, situation in Jhelum that comes from held Kashmir is also not good as water inflows are at  28,000 cusecs per day as compared to 49,000  cusecs per day in last year.

In the Chenab River also originating from Indian held Kashmir, the situation is also dreadful as the flows in the said river declined by 41 percent.

In short, Pakistan's food security is going to be badly hit.


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