WITH ALMOST 30,000 homicides registered in 2017, Mexico experienced its bloodiest year on record. Since election campaign began last September at  least-

145 politicians and candidates for office have been killed according to data from the Mexican-based  security consultancy Etellekt.

As Millions of Mexicans lined up on Sunday to vote in the country's largest election in history, others were huddles at the door to the United States, fleeing violence and bereft of hope that a new government could staunch it.

In the last weeks, families escaping threats of extortion, kidnapping and murder, many from states riven by by drug cartel - linked brutality, Tijuana, waiting to cross to San Diego to seek asylum.

''We are overwhelmed with violence, and the proof is all these people who arrive daily, even with their children,"said Jose Maria Garcia, director of the Juventud 2,000 migrant shelter in Tijuana.

"They don't..... trust that whoever wins is going to do something for them."

Camped early Sunday on the square abutting the entrance to the  San Ysidro Port of entry in Tijuana,  Carmen Medina , a  26-year-old widow from the southern Mexican state of Zabtecas,  said she had no interest in Sunday's election.

I barely left with what I was  wearing,'' said Medina, her face drawn with exhaustion, her three-year old daughter perched on the sidewalk by the side. ''My head is filled with getting there,'' said Medina, glancing toward the border a few hundred feet away.

A US flag fluttered  just beyond. Her husband was killed last year in retaliation for failing to pay extortion money on their small grocery store to local criminals. She said a man recently showed up at her home demanding more.

Medina said she had heard  US authorities were jailing asylum seekers and had even separated  parents from children, but she said she had to take the risk.

The sad honor and serving of the latest Operational Research on Mexico and Migrants continues to Part 2.


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