THE WORLD has terribly failed this beautiful planet. Our constant need to pollute, and to consume resources at unprecedented rates is making life harder, and-

And if the proper steps are not taken soon, very, very soon, then the results might be disastrous for every living soul on Earth.

THE PARIS AGREEMENT of 2015 reinforced the commitment of the participating states to curtail the maledictions of climate change, but the future of the planet will still be prone to -

Deforestation, air pollution and unhygienic water quality due to the high population growth rate, urbanisation, radioactivity and new environment constraints.

The long-debate over environmental pollution was previously held in the convention on Long-Range  Transboundary Air Pollution [LRTAP] in 1979, the Vienna Convention of 1985, the Kyoto Protocols  of 1997 and several other international level conferences like these, but each resulted in limited successes.

In order to improve the standards of environmental protection, and to address contaminated water, multiple agreements were inked in the past decades like that of-

CRTD Geneva in 1989, the Barmako Convention of  1991, the  Rotterdam Convention of  1998 and  the United Nations Convention on the law of the Sea [UNCLOS], but the concerning situation still prevails.

The anathema of despair and pessimism  in the environmental arena is a searing indictment of the way humanity has performed to date.

The disastrous results were water borne diseases, especially in  underdeveloped countries, are immense and needs the full participation of the people in authority to come up with methods of  prevention and minimisation of the many heath hazards it might cause.

The honor and serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Mother Earth and Humanity  continues. This alarming situation continues to Part 2. And the World Students Society thanks author and researcher Dr. Faisal Ali.


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