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PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN was sworn in for his second term as head of state on Monday, taking on greater powers than any Turkish leader for decades.

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three major religions of the world.

They all, left their landmarks in the city," director of  the Istanbul Music Festival and deputy director general of IKSV, Yesim Gurer Oymak said.

"Connection With Identity" :  The Istanbul Music Festival, which focuses on classical music but includes high quality traditional music and jazz, has taken concerts to venues like the-

Neve Shahlom Synagogue, the St Anthony Roman Catholic Church and even the platform of Sirkeci Train Station, the legendary terminus of the Orient Express.

The use of the venues, and the music played inside them, is a celebration of multicultural heritage in a city where the presence of Jews, Armenians and Greeks, as well as other minorities alongside the majority Muslim population, is a key part of its urban identity.

There populations were greatly diminished by 20th century tragedies such as the deportations of massacres of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire from 1915 -seen by Armenians, but not Turkey, as a genocide - and the mob rioting directed at the Greek minority in 1955.

Today, Istanbul's buildings are a symbol  of the proud presence that Turkey's minorities maintain in the Constantinople, once the capital of Roman, Byzantine and then Ottoman empires.

"A festival should also underline the historical heritage of the city where it takes place and make connections with its cultural identity,'' she added.


This Year saw a concert held for the first time in the Neve Shalom Synagogue, a key place for worship for Istanbul's Jewish community, which was hit twice by deadly attacks -first in a 1986 gun attack and then 2003 bombing blamed on Islamist militants.

Istanbul may not have an ultra-modern concert hall like Paris or Hamburg but some of the finest accoustics in the city are to be found in historic buildings which also double as concert venues.

Possibly the finest venue for an orchestra in the city is the Hagia Eirene - a former Byzantine church, now a museum - that dates back to the 6th century and where audiences can enjoy classical music with pin sharp accoustics marred only by the occasional sweeping pigeon.

At the concert inside the  Grand Bazaar, its historic walls echoes with a celebration of Istanbul's  cultural heritage, bringing together songs of Armenian, Ladino, Jewsih as well as Turkish origin, led by traditional musician Hakan Gungor.

"This is the first time we perform a concert in the Grand Bazaar. It is a very important place with very authentic shops and the music is also very authentic," said Cag Ercag, one of Turkey's top classical cellists.

Oymak said there were still locations in Istanbul where the dreams of holding concerts, in particular a concert of "tolerance and harmony" at the historic Sultanahmet Square - which is flanked by the-

Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque - fusing elements of Western and Eastern music.

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