*No Kid Left Behind* : Macron tries to fix France's education system..... In a primary school in a rundown neighborhood south of Paris, a teacher asks his first year class how to spell words in a text on dinosaurs.

The enthusiastic six and seven year-olds eagerly raise their hands and answer correctly. All 10 are brimming with confidence after a full year with about half as many pupils in their class as in most French primary schools.

''No kid is left behind," teacher Sebastien Ducoroy said after the lesson at Les Ormeaux, school in the town of Montereau - Fault - Yonne, about 70 km [43 miles] south of the French capital.

The school is one of the 4,000 in deprived  areas where the size of classes has been cut under reforms intended by President Emmanuel Macron to reduce inequality in education and prepare students better for the job market.

Education is the latest battleground in a campaign by Macron to remake France from its core, shaking up politics and revitalizing the economy to make it more competitive globally.

As in many other reform areas, the centrist president has encountered resistance from unions, protests and ideological divides but is managing to push through changes in education which he believes will help business as well as job seekers.

The reforms range from directives such as making school compulsory from the age of three instead of six and banning mobile phones in class, to encouraging the study of Latin and Greek and foreign languages.

But public attention has focused mainly on the smaller primary school classes, and on plans to overhaul the baccalaureate, the school-leaving exam introduced by Napoleon in 1808, and introduce an element of selection for universities.

More scope to specialised in areas such as computer science and coding, to match the needs of the digital world.

"From kindergarten to university we're changing everything,"Macron, 40, said in televised interview in April.

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