NEW YORK : President Donald Trump's personal driver for more than 25 years has sued the billionaire president for outstanding salary and overtime dues, reports the New York Post.

"In an utterly callous display of unwarranted privilege and entitlement and without even a minimal sense of noblesse oblige President Donald Trump has exploited and denied significant wages to his own longstanding personal driver," ex-chauffe Noel Cintron says in new Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Cintron was Trump's personal driver for over 20 years until the Secret Service took over the role following the elections.

"During the time he was forced to work thousands of hours of overtime without compensation,'' the law suit says.

Trump didn't give Cintron a raise in over 12 years - and even yanked health insurance worth nearly  $18,000 a year, according to court papers.

Cintron received a $7,000 bump in 2010 that raised his salary to $75,000, but he doesn't consider that a raise because it was the year Trump took away his health care, the suit says.

Cintron worked as average 50 to 55 hours a week, starting at 7 am. He still works for Trump as a member of his security staff but has not received compensation for his services.


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