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PARENTS of Mexican students/children killed in quake want justice:

It has been nine months since the Rebsamen Elementary School collapsed in the earthquake that devastated Mexico lat year, and the families of 19 students/children and seven adults killed inside want justice.

It what has become politically charged case ahead of Mexico's July 1 elections, some of the families have brought criminal charges against the local authorities, alleging corruption was behind the school's shoddy construction.

The main person they want to face investigation is Claudia Sheinbaum, the leading candidate for  Mexico City Mayor.

At the time of the  earthquake , Sheinbaum,  a close ally of the fiery leftist leading the presidential race, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador   -was the top official for the capital city's Tialpan  district.

According to experts, the district granted dodgy construction permit to the school's owner  -who is today on the run from the law   -allowing her to construct an apartment for herself on top of the building, which destabilized the  structure.

Sheinbaum has vehemently denied responsibility for the collapse. She did not respond to request for an interview.

The Rebasamen was one of the 47 buildings  across the city that collapsed in the quake because of  corrupt construction practices., according to the Mexico City College of ArchitectsIn interview with  AFP  five of the people who lost loved ones inside the school shared their memories and told their stories of mourning and outrage.


Mireya Rodriguez, a doctor and and Alejandro jundo, an auditor, lost their 7 year old daughter, Paola, a bright student with  full schedule of activities including dance, swimming and taekwondo.


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