Headline June 25, 2018/ ''' *SAVE A SOUL* '''

''' *SAVE A SOUL* '''

A TROUBLING - TERRIBLE - TORTURING - prognosis for migrant children : Severance from parents can lead to ill effects that continue throughout life.

Some youngsters retreat entirely, their eyes empty, bodies limp, their isolation a wall of defiance, others cannot sit still : watchful, hyperactive, ever uncertain.

GIVE A GIFT THAT will make a difference. Give the gift of saving a soul.... There's absolutely no way that -

The World Student Society will go forward, unless the students from the coastline countries of Africa, and the landlocked countries of the African continent join up.

STEVE CASE - THE ENTREPRENEUR who's now investing in regions that venture-capital tends to ignore - told me, when I called him : 'Creativity is broadly distributed. Opportunity is not.''

The gap between rich and poor is just one of the worrisome findings. The middle class has innovation rates closer to that of the poor than the affluent.

Children from the southeast are less likely to become inventors. So are African-Americans, Latinos and women.

Referring to America : "We do a pretty job at identifying the kids who are good at throwing at a Football or playing a trumpet.''

But we don't do a particularly good job at identifying the kids who have the potential of creating a phenomenal new product or service or invention.'' We all suffer for that failure.

And that is precisely why The World Students Society has gloried to the fore. And with that I return to the honor of the continuing post.  For the world at large has begun to understand that the most important thing for the world is what The World Students Society thinks, plans, and executes next.


Myanmar has gotten away with a brutal campaign of murder, rape and pillage directed at the Rohingya Muslim minority.

Some expert believe it may qualify as genocide, and hundreds of thousands of survivors have poured into Bangladesh.

As it happens, one of the world's best aid organizations, BRAC, is based in Bangladesh and does extraordinary work there as well as in other countries from South Sudan to Afghanistan.

BRAC is now working with Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bngladesh and building latrines, clinics, wells and safe spaces for refugee children. To fight the slaughter, we also need advocates, and Fortify Rights is a longtime leader in fighting for the Rohingya.


It's scandalous that a quarter-million women a year still die of cervical cancer, when these deaths are overwhelmingly preventable with HPV vaccinations and simple screenings.

A Florida doctor, Vincent DeGennaro Jr., has poured his soul into starting a small aid group. Innovating Health international, that helps women with cervical and breast cancer in Haiti and tries to prevent those cancers in the first place.

It supports simple vinegar-based screenings that cost almost nothing - but can prevent an agonizing death.

President Trump is cutting off funds for reproductive health organizations, like the U.N.'s population Fund, so aid groups in this sphere could use a boost.

Partners in Health, a leading health aid organizations, also does superb work fighting cervical cancer and other diseases in Haiti.


I'm haunted by a memory from two decades ago in Cambodia :

I came across a grandmother caring for seven children because the mother had just died of malaria.  the grandma had one mosquito bed net that could accommodate a couple of children.

Her hardest task every night was to figure out which children would sleep under the net and which would sleep unprotected and perhaps die.

The Against Malaria Foundation supplies effective bed nets for about $4 each to families in areas where malaria is a major killer.

Neckties and sweaters are expansive, but saving a life, even in 2018, bargain. God bless you all. 

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparent, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all ''register'' on !WOW! - the World Students Society and Twitter  - !E-WOW!    the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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