Headline June 24, 2018/ ''' *GIFT A LIFE* '''

''' *GIFT A LIFE* '''

WHY THE HELL ARE WE  ignoring the coastlines country of Africa? Just take a look at their stats on Sam Daily Times : [1] - [1] -[2] - [2].................................

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YOU all, WE all, could save a child/student with Clubfoot from the Life of a Beggar. A simple, though monthslong, treatment has given Bigboy Karnue, hope that he will be able to play like other children and attend school

Here are some sterling suggestions : Instead of inflicting a garish tie on a loved one, or a carcinogenic face cream on your aunt- how about saving a very precious life?

It's time for annual ''gifts with meaning'' guide, with suggestions for presents that won't just clog a chest, of drawers.

Consider a $20 flock of ducks to an impoverished Bangladesh family through Heifer International, or $143 CARE scholarships for a girl/student developing country to attend high school. Or some other ideas you may not have thought of :


One-quarter of people worldwide have worms in their bellies, impairing their nutrition and often leaving them anemic. Children can be dewormed for about 50 cents each, and this leads them to miss less school and earn more ass adults.

Kids in the American South were dewormed 100 years ago by the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission, leading to large gains in school enrollment and in literacy, and now we can easily and cheaply some gains worldwide.

An excellent website called Givewell.org  rigorously examines which charitable causes gives the most bang for the buck [I strongly recommend browsing the site], and it recommends several deworming organizations.

My favorite {yes, I have a favorite dewormer} is Deworm the World.


Millions of Americans can't afford  health or dental insurance, and a lifeline comes from volunteer doctors and dentists working through  Remote Area Medical, an aid group that holds holds huge health fairs for those with no other access to help.

During my visit to a fair in Virginia, I watched as one 30-year old man had 18 teeth pulled.

Some uninsured families camped out for three days for a chance to see a doctor or dentist, and people had tears in their eyes as they thanked Stan Brock, the group's founder.

Some children walked out with new glasses and and could see for the first time. Remote Area Medical doesn't solve the systemic health care problems, but for those who have suffered an agonizing toothache for months or years-

A dentist makes a life-charging difference  -and since the doctors, dentists and nurses donate their time, it's very cost effective.


About one child in 800 worldwide  is born with clubfoot, in which one or both feet are twisted and deformed.

In poor countries, these kids often end up unable to walk, attend school or hold a job; frequently, they end up as beggars, Yet clubfoot is easy to fix in infancy using a series of casts, for about $500 a child.

Two great organizations focus on this issue : MiracleFeet, based in North Carolina, and  Cure, based in Pennsylvania. I've watched MiracleFeet transform lives in Liberia and Cure in Niger, and it's thrilling.

Skeptics who think that humanitarian aid money is wasted should see toddlers who seemed destined to become beggars now running around, their lives transformed, because of a cheap fix.

The Honor and Serving of this Global Operational Research on  Life and Living. continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher and a great human, Nicholas Kristof.

With respectful dedication to the  ''gifting'' humans : Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See ya all ''register'' on : wssciw.blogspot.com  and......................
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