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ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY : Great things must always be attempted and only great things always done. And as a very first :

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THE GLORIOUS TRUTH IS : that The World Students Society was  darned lucky, to have amongst its *very founders*, some sterling talent with some awe-inspiring imagination.

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Ziili,  Saima Sarah, Hussain, Shahzaib, Haider, stirringly gifted engineers and technologists. Dee, Zainab, Seher, Areesha, Emaan, Ali, Aqsa, Salar, Zaeem, sparkling on all things fine arts. All of the above, damn geniuses on regular basis.

CRAFTY that I am, my one great and satisfying accomplishment was to impose on them, without them ever knowing, the rigors of linear and lateral and intellectual thinking. And on that very account they truly blossomed, spreading their beautiful fragrance all around me.

Mark my very words, mark my words, that in the near future, ''they are likely to come up with highly impactful inventions and innovations.''

Much of human progress depends on invention and innovation. It depends on people coming up with a breakthrough idea to improve life. Think about penicillin, or cancer treatments, electricity or the  silicon chip.

For this reason, societies have a big interest in making sure that as many as possible have the opportunity to become a scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs.

It's not only a matter of fairness. Denying opportunities to talented people can end up hurting everyone.

So having given the students of the world a great gift, a gift that will make a difference and eventually change the world for the better, I turn to other great opinions on how to beat Facebook's algorithms.   

But dependence comes with real risk. For example, Facebook began testing a new design for its news feed.

In this version, which is being tested in six countries, Facebook's posts from pages [including businesses, public figures and publishers like Bored Panda] were removed from the regular news feed.

There were placed in a separate section called ''Explore Feed'', where they appeared less prominently.

This change caused tremors in the in the Facebook publishing world.

Several publishers from countries included in the test complained that their Facebook traffic had plummeted overnight. A social media manager from news site in Slovakia, one of the countries included in the test, called it the ''biggest drop in Facebook's organic reach we have ever seen,''

Facebook told me it planned to continue testing the Explore Feed changes for several more months.

In a blog post, Adam Mosseri, Facebook's  head of news feed, wrote that the test was meant to  ''understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content,'' but that the company had ''no plans to roll this test out further.''

Rafat Ali, a digital publishing veteran and chief executive of the travel media company Skift, said that while these particular algorithmic changes might not come to pass, sites like Bored Panda could still be easily crushed by a future Facebook experiment.

Mr. Banisauskas knows that Facebook can be a fickle landlord, and he worries that as a small foreign that specializes in aggregated entertainment content, Bored Panda is in a more precarious position than most.

Roghly half of  Bored Panda's Facebook audience is American, and Mr. Banisauskas worries that the site could get punished inadvertently by efforts to combat fake news and russian-style influence campaigns.

''We're not part of the problem,'' he said, ''but we could get the collateral damage''.

Last summer, Banisauskas traveled to New York to meet with a group of other facebook-focused publishers. All these companies produce entertaining material that reaches millions of people every day.

In another era, that alone might have been enough to guarantee them a stable future. Today, they exist at Facebook's mercy and might be wiped away at any moment.

For now, though, Bored Panda is charging ahead, and hoping to remain on Facebook's good side.

''Everyone should be worried,'' Mr. Banisauskas said, before he injected a note of Bored Panda-style positivity:

''But I believe everything will work out well''.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Education, Environment and  Internet continues.

With respectful dedication to the Students of America. See Ya all ''register'' on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter -!E-WOW! - the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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