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*HAZRAT KHADIJAH BINT KHUWAYLID* was a very successful merchant in an age when women were permitted to do very little outside the four walls of their homes.

Due to the success of her business, she earned the beautiful title of ''Amerrat-Quraysh'' or the  ''Princess of Quarysh".

She was also Prophet Mohammed's [PBUH] wife. And history has not, and will never forget her remarkable sense of business, rationality, kindness and vision that permeated all the great work that followed.

Traditionally, the suffragette movement of the late nineteenth century is recognized as the first wave first wave of feminism, although women such as-

Christine de Pizan was advocating for a society governed by gender equality during the fifteenth century. the suffragettes sought the right to vote and starved themselves for their cause.

In 1867, political economist John Stuart Mill proposed women be given the right to vote and the UK's Parliament was in uproar. But with 73 votes casted in favor of women's suffrage the movement continued to gather momentum.

Alas in 1918, women over the age of thirty received the right to vote while men twenty one and older were granted the same right by Representatives of the People Act of 1918.

Ten years passed the before the women age was lowered to 21. The feminists had finally won.

In Proud Pakistan, the countdown to the 2018 general elections has started with political parties dusting-up election manifestos, sprucing up slogans and activating election strategies.

!WOW!'s great student and hero, Zilli, pulls out her iPhone and her backup smartphone, and begins vodeographing just about all elements. She and her research team will miss nothing, will observe everything, learn through and through, and comment and say, very little. *Yes, Great Video, shot on your iPhone* :

The recent film ''Unsane'' by the American film director Steven Soderbergh was shot entirely on iPhone.

''It's the readiness factor,'' one master photographer said, on the adavantage of filming with a smartphone.


Most videos pros say good-quality audio is essential for powerful video.

The good news is that the microphones on smartphones have improved in recent years. What's more is that audio accessories, such as Bluetooth microphone, can make the audio in your video projects sound outstanding -which we'll get to in a minute.

Here are two audio tricks : Borrow a second phone, start recording audio, and place the phone in your subject's pocket.

''Then, shoot video on your phone from far away,'' Mr. Nachtrieb says. ''You can always sync up the audio later in video editing.''

And when interviewing subjects, don't interrupt their replies, Mr. Nachtrieb says.


Many smartphones come with some powerful video features, including modest that appear to slow down or speed up time, which are more commonly known as slow motion and time lapse.

The former captures video at an accelerated frame rate, which played back at normal speed, action in the video appears much slower than real time.

With time lapse, a lower frame rate is used. When it's played back at normal speed, action moves much faster than in real time. Both can produce compelling video.


If you are not happy with the hardware features on your phone, there are accessories to expand its capability and, in some cases, the quality of your video, particularly if you're interest in viloging.

Hera are a few products to consider, courtesy of our colleagues at Wirecutter, The New York times Company's product review site :


Wirecutter testers like the Moment wide-angle lens , $100. The lens attaches over a phone's camera lens to give you a wider shot without drastically degrading image quality.


The share MV5, $99, is a great ACCESSORY e for use with a smartphone.


The Joby GoriilaPod IK Kit, $ 35, keeps your phone steady when shooting in low light or time-lapse.

A standalone camera can really improve your video. When you're ready too shoot with something other than your phone, here are some models that earned top ratings from Wirecutter.


The Sony a5100 is the best entry level mirrorless camera, $500, and the Cannon EOS Rebel T5i is the best entry-level DSLR. Mirrorless cameras blend portability with powerful picture-taking sensors, while DSLRs are unmatched when it comes to photo quality - but are larger, bulkier, and more expensive.


For something between a mirrorless and a portable point and shoot, check out the Sony RX100 Mark IV, $900.


Want something that can travel with you and take a few bumps and drops? Try the Olympus TG-5, $420.

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