In this contemporary changing world, some crises cannot be solved, only survived. The ongoing refugee crisis is one such crisis.

Being painted with a dismal picture all around the globe, and by most of the European states, in particular,  refugees have lost their hopes in the search of a better future. With each passing day, Europe is becoming strange for the word ''refugee''.

Recently, a ship with 629 African migrants  on board marooned in between Malta and Italy. Blaming each other for the responsibility of those migrants, Malta, Italy and France scolded each other over their negligence in handling the issue.

The French president Emanuel Macron accused the Italian government of  ''cynicism and irresponsibility'' for not letting the ship dock in Italy, which apparently was the nearest dockyard.

Whereas, Italy Foreign Minister responded to France by saying, ''Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not.''

Spain, which is far away from the area of the incident, meanwhile, decided to receive the refugees while describing their action a  ''highly symbolic'' one.

The migration issue in Europe  is being dealt with  ostrich politics   -an expression referring to the tendency of ignoring obvious dangers or problems and pretending they don't exist.

In several countries, it is being used as a tool to maintain or come into power, Poland and Hungary are two of these examples.

For instance, in the case of Hungary, Viktor Orban's current government used anti-refugee rhetoric as his election campaign slogan and was able to secure  a two-third  majority in the Parliament easily.

Following the  footsteps of their neighbours, Poland's far-right government also adopted a  zero tolerance  policy for refugees in 2017 and termed the acceptance of refugees an invasion of Europe.

On November 11, 2017,  with as many as  60,000  people took to the streets  -most of them belonging to far-rights groups    -with anti-Islamic banners  in hands, protesting the entry of refugees.

 Anti-Muslim feelings in the country were vividly visible on the  Polish independence Day march. Days after   vandalisation of a   Muslim cultural centre  in Warsaw, the largest prayer room in Poland, was also witnessed.

The honor and serving of the latest Global Operational Research on  Refugees and Cultures continues to Part 2. !WOW!  thanks author and researcher Nasrullah Ali a, ''Stipendium Hungaricom Scholar at  University of Pecs.


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