US President Donald Trump's trade threats and bellicose diplomacy is being met on America's northern frontier with boycotts of US goods and travel, and even a call for nuclearisation.

The grassroots backlash reflects the angry mood that has set in since Trump slapped punishing US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum and publicly assailed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As the Canada-US relationship slides to new lows - with trade fights spilling into the aerospace and lumber sectors, and threatening the auto industry as well - Canadians are rallying behind Trudeau.

Canadian patriotism has bristled under hashtag like #BoycottUSA, #Buycanadian and #VacationCanada that urge people not to buy American ketchup, coffee and cars.

''I think I'd be physically sick just seeing the US flag at the border. My tourist dollars are staying the hell out of the US,'' Vancouver resident Tracey Hirsch said on Twitter.

Others passed images of ''Trump-free grocery carts'' and said the happily paid doubles for Canadian strawberries over imported US varieties, or took twice as long to shop in order to avoid American labels.

Canadian retailers also are being pressured to dump Trump ties and his daughter Ivanka's dress brand.

The National Post, meanwhile mused about Canada building an atomic bomb to gain leverage with the US like North Korea did.

''We've got the Uranium, the know-how and a sudden desire to be respected by our nearest neighbor,'' said the article.

The viral protest - which some said could backfire - has even swept up a few Americans.

''I'm an American but will be vacationing in #Canada this year to show support for our good friends  and  neighbors up north.

 #Buy Canadian, ''said Pittsburgh cartoonist Joe Wos in a social media post.

The Honor and Serving of the  latest Global Operational Research on Inter-state relationships, Trade and Tariffs continues to Part 2.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Michel Comte.


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