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THE ENTIRE WORLD OVER : In this day and age Education is a prerequisite to success, thus receiving an education should be considered a ''fundamental human right.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there are 23 million children are out of school. This is despite the fact that  our constitution declares that it is the responsibility of the government to to ensure that every child  receives a proper education.

Pakistan's problems are not solely related to the economy. The main reason we have remained backward is because we have failed to educate our people.

Poverty has led many families to discourage their children from going to school so that they can be educated instead.

Because, of this, our culture has stagnated, governance has remained poor and the common people do not have access to many modern technologies.

Lack of education is a problem that needs to be tackled on a priority basis, as only it can lead Pakistan to a brighter future.

!WOW! thanks author, Nimha Tariq/Karachi/ and assures her of our best, relentless efforts.


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