TRADITIONAL FAULT-LINES are changing at a ferocious pace in the ''troubled, unstable Middle East.

Saudi Arabia the GCCC Kingdom - is taking the lead in this ongoing, political re-engineering.

Roles are being swapped. Israel is no more adversary, while, the Palestinian leadership, is now being viewed in Riyadh and some other Gulf capitals not only as a political liability but also as the spoiling party.

THIS is a major transformation.

For the first time since its inception, Arab News, the leading Saudi English newspaper, carried last week the report of Israeli premier Benjamin Nentanyahu presenting -

'Details of covert Iranian nuclear programme'' as its lead story. And Bibi's  photograph adorned the  front page too.

This was history in the making. And the story doesn't end there.

Earlier Israel's channel 10 News-reported that a meeting with Jewish Leaders in New York last month, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman castigated - the Palestinian leadership for-

Rejecting opportunities for peace with Israel for decades, insisting that they should either start accepting proposals or ''shut up''.

Citing multiple sources, the Israeli channel quoted what it said were remarks made by the Saudi crown prince at the meeting that left those present there ''staggered'' by the ferocity of his criticism of the Palestinians.

''For the past 40 years, the Palestinian leadership has missed opportunities again and again, and rejected all the offers it was given,'' multiple sources present at the meeting quoted Prince Mohammed bin Salman as saying at the meeting.

Last month, while still in the US, the Crown Prince had clearly stated that the state of Israel has a right to exist.

In an interview given to Jeffrey Goldberg, the Chief Editor of The Atlantic, the prince had underlined that the Israelis and Palestinians have a right to exist in their own land.

''I believe that each people, anywhere, has a right to live in their peaceful nation. I believe the  Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land,'' the Crown Prince told the interviewer.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Operational Research on state of the world continues to Part 2. And !WOW! thanks author and researcher Syed Rashid Husain.


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