Mahmoud Abbas with Moroccan King Mohammad VI

MOROCCO : Moroccan King Mohammad VI wrote in a letter to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that he was ''monitoring with concern'' the US recognition of Jerusalem as the  Israeli capital, the MAP news agency reported.

The monarch, whose country does not have diplomatic ties with Israel, heads the 57 member Organization of  Islamic Cooperation's AI-Quds Committee, which lobbies on issues related to Jerusalem.

EGYPT : The Egyptian foreign ministry, in a statement expressing  ''strong denunciation'' of Israel's use of force against the Palestinian civilians, said Cairo -

''Totally supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and first and foremost its right to an  independent state with the East Jerusalem as its capital.''

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL : The bloodshed along its border with Israel is an ''abhorrent violation'' of human rights, Amnesty International said on Monday last, after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire.

''We are witnessing the abhorrent violation of international law and human rights in Gaza........ This must end immediately, the London based human rights group said on Twitter.

''This is violation of international standards, in some instances committing what appears to be wilful killings constituting war crimes,'' Amnesty's Middle East and North Africa director Philip Luther said in a separate statement.

The Sadness in Honor and Serving  of the latest Operational Research on World reactions to US Embassy move to Jerusalem continues to Part 3.


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