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FOR THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - for every subject in the world, inclusive of computers-Internet-wireless, a daring beginning. 

These very great founders, the students of the entire world, so sacrificed, dared and pushed to build    one of the greatest, most democratic of organizations mankind could ever have conceived.

Building a great service, building a great honor requires a very great beginning. When you dedicate yourself to that, it shifts the way you think-

NEW HAVEN : Tuesday, a few days ago, was a huge day for online speech. Facebook finally released the internal rules that its moderators use to decide what kinds of user content to remove from the site -

Including once-mysterious details on what counts as ''graphic-violence,'' 'hate speech' or ''child exploitation''.

It also announced the introduction of an appeal process for users who want to challenge the removal of their posts.

These developments represent a big step towards the process, which is essential on a site where so much of our speech now takes place.

*But an entity with such enormous power over an online expression should do even more to listen to its users about what kinds of expression are allowed, and its users should be ready to be heard*.

What now for Facebook?

SINDRI STEFANSSON - of the Bitcoin Heist escaped from a low-security Icelandic prison, Soga, where inmates-

Have their own rooms and can talk, and plan some hot stuff, and make merry on their cellphones. And all this while, somewhere out there is the booty - roughly $2 million worth of Bitcoin-mining computers - is stashed.

Then, like the computers, Mr. Stefanson disappeared. For the next five days he was an international fugitive. 

After escaping from the prison - a feat that took surprisingly little effort, given the institution's bare minimum approach to security - he hopped a taxi to the country's largest airport, where - he boarded an early morning flight to Stockholm.

In a twist that seems borrowed from a cheesy caper film, the plane also carried Katrin Jakobsdottir  the prime minister of Iceland.

''We did not chat,'' Mr. Stefansson said, calling from a prison near Amsterdam in his first interview since he was arrested two weeks ago in the Netherlands.

BUT ON FACEBOOK, after they are duped, the may struggle with what to do next, Mr. Bernhardt, the retired forklift driver, said he didn't know how to report the scammers to Facebook.

Ms. Keithley said she had called a number for Facebook that she had found online, though she was not sure the number was authentic.

She also reported the scam to the local police, who said they couldn't help, and to the Pennsylvania attorney general.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general said that the office did not have record of Ms. Keithley's report. The spokesman said the office planned to contact her.

Others said they regularly report scammers to Facebook, but the company can be slow to act.

Kathryn Schwartz, 55, from Lodi, N.J. said she has been in credit-card debt since she lost $1,742 trying to claim bogus Facebook lottery winnings in 2016.

She said she has since been barraged by scammers and regularly reports them, including in messages to the real Mr. Zuckerberg.

One Facebook account named Mary Williams recently messaged Ms. Schwartz, saying it would help her claim her winnings.

A review of the account showed that in March it had renamed itself, purporting to be a Boise, Idaho, native who works at Facebook. Years of posts before that depicted a man in Nigeria.

When Ms. Schwartz posed on Facebook that Mary Williams was a con artist, the account left a comment :

''You think you are smart but you are not. if you were smart why were you scammed.'' The emojis tracked at the end of the message were crying with laughter.

Mr. Bernhardt said that since he wired his last payment to the Mr. Zuckerberg masquerader in January, he has heard from two other Mark Zuckerbergs, one Sheryl Sandberg and other accounts promising him winnings in return for more cash.

No conversations have gone as deep as with his original scammer. ''I thought we were getting real close,'' Mr. Bernhardt said. ''He started calling me Mr. Gary and I started calling him Mr. Mark.''

He said he had told his scammer about growing up in a foster home and his dream of owning a house on a lake.

''They sucked me in because they knew my dreams,'' he said.   

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