LOS ANGELES : Hundreds of residents sought shelter on Friday after red -hot lave seeped from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and-

Plumes of ash and dangerous gases spewed into the air.

Drone footage of the volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island showed orange magma gushing up from cracks in the ground in a wooded area.

Authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation of the Lanipuna Gardens and the Leilani Estates neighbourhood, home to about 1,700 people and 770 structures.

No injuries have been reported.

Governor David Ige said residents were being housed in community centres until the danger from Kilauea , one of the world's most active volcanoes, has passed.

Ige signed an emergency proclamation releasing disaster funds to Big Island.

Aerial footage showed orange lave bubbling up from a fissure around 5,00 feet [150 meters] long and spouting into the air like a fountain.

The eruption began around  4:45pm local time on Thursday and stopped at around 6:30 pm  local time,according to the US Geological Survey [USGC].

The USGC warned, however, that  ''the opening phases of fissure eruptions are dynamic and uncertain.

''Additional erupting fissures and new lava outbreaks may occur,'' it said.


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