The first gift given by God to humans is that of 'rationality'. He then gave us his Books and Messengers, to guide us so that we may navigate-

The tough terrain of this world by understanding His Message by using this rationality.

The main aspects of fasting during Ramazan include submission to Almighty God, by whose orders we refuse to eat or drink even if we wish to.

This curbing of our natural desires should bring home the realisation that we are under His control and to submit to Him for something as simple and instinctive as feeding our physical selves.

If we are submitting to Him we also place restrictions, upon our anger, hatred, greed profiteering, cruelty, etc, in short, any wrongdoing that we will be answerable for when we face Him in the afterlife.

OUR BELIEF in the nest world and in the fact that while there may be no justice here, everyone shall obtain full justice in the Court of God must be reinforced.

Submission to any command from God is useless without believing that every act of ours will have to be accounted for.

In the Muslim sense of the term, fasting means practising patience and putting restrictions upon actions that are normally carried out to please our senses.

Keeping guard over our thoughts and actions every moment even while fasting energies are depleted during fasting is what strengthens our spirituality and perseverance.

Even of goaded, we should tell ourselves and others that we are fasting and hence will not respond to any negative stimulation.

Fasting is meant to nurture the values of Austerity and Compassion for Mankind.

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