WELLNESS isn't a concept that seems synonymous with the ever-growing hassles of flying, but that could finally be changing.

Some airlines are embracing the idea of healthier flying, offering calorie conscious menus and new exercise videos.

According to Beth McGroarty, research director for the Global Wellness Institute, a nonprofit organization for the Wellness industry, many carriers want air travel to be more bearable [and even enjoyable].

They believe Wellness is the way to do that.

United Airlines and JetBlue customers have access to the digital meditation service Headspace as part of their in-flight entertainment .

JetBlue's Headspace content includes videos that address travel topics, such as fear of flying and difficulty sleeping upright.

Swiss Air offers Headspace on board long-haul flights, and British Airways  has a Well Being channel on its in-flight entertainment systems that includes meditation and stretching exercises.

American Airlines started  prioritizing  wellness after conducting customer surveys and running focus groups with fliers about what they want.

According to  American's research, travelers wanted to sleep more soundly in the skies, and to that end,  the airline recently tapped the mattress and bedding brand  Casper to design pillows, blankets and other products which are supposed to help with a more comfortable sleep.

Airlines are also  incorporating  wellness onboard by offering healthier  food and drink options.

Turkish Airlines have a new Fly Good Feel Good campaign that includes a menu of herbal teas, such as one rooibos, sage and lavender to help relive stress and promote sleep.

Another is an energizing blend with mate mint and ginger.

A handful of carriers in the United States are encouraging mindful eating, too. Dr,.Charles Platkin, a nutrition and public health advocate, and the director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, conducts an annual airline food study where he analyzes    the economy food on every domestic carrier.

In his latest study, released last December, he declared that  Delta Air Lines is a leader  ''by a long shot'' in its commitment to improve  ''its food in terms of health and consciousness.''

Dr. Platkin's  analysis found that  Delta meals, snack boxes and individual snacks have an average of  480 calories , a decrease from the  year before, at 527 calories.

!WOW! thanks researcher and author Shivani Vora.


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