ESTIMATES from Chinese researchers have put the actual number of residents at over 150,000  making Guangzhou home to the largest African community in Asia.

Police vans flashing lights  officers astride  motorcycles congregated after nightfall recently at a small public square in Xiaobei-

 A ''Little Africa'' neighbourhood with halal restaurants  on narrow winding streets.

A  Nigerian merchant was returning home from a meeting with wholesalers earlier this year when officers handcuffed  him and hauled to a police station because he was not carrying identification.

It was only after the Chinese Landlord vouched for him over the phone that police allowed him to retrieve his passport in his apartment - under close watch.

The treatment seemed ''wrong'' for a routine document check, the merchant said.

Residents who faced police checks asked not to be identified over fears of being deported.

Guangzhou's  police and  exit-entry  bureau did not requests for comment.

''Sure, there are  some illegal activities  like  the  drug trade  and police should target this minority of people.'' said  Ohene Opoku Agyemang, a doctoral student in international relations at Jinan University.

''But the harsh treatment of law abiding people negatively affects Africans' view of   China  and  hurts efforts to build  friendly relations  with African countries.'' he said.

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