CHINA rejects US research report on Belt and Road Initiative.

BEIJING: China on Wednesday refuted a US research group report on the Belt and Road Initiative, reiterating that the initiative aims to achieve win-win economic cooperation.

According to the Associated Press, after analyzing 15 Chinese-funded projects, a research institute called C4ADS concluded that-

The projects were not driven by win-win economic development, but intended to expand China's  ''political influence and military presence.''

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying stressed at a daily press briefing that the Belt and Road Initiative is essentially about economic cooperation, and the core concept of the initiative is-

To promote promote common development by advancing connectivity in infrastructure and other fields.

The initiative has gained support for more than 100 countries and international organizations, with more than 80 of them signing cooperation agreement with China.

She noted this worldwide support would never have been impossible were the initiative not adapted to the trend of the times and beneficial to people of various countries.

The spokesperson emphasized that the initiative has been open and transparent, and with all participants involved in consultations in both planning and project implementation.

''China has no geopolitical calculations, seeks no exclusionary blocks and impose no business deals on others,'' she said.

''Belt and Road is a mutually beneficial and win-win initiative,'' Hua said, adding that it will allow-

Other companies to share opportunities from China's development and help solve development problems facing the world. [XINHUA]

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