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And with that,   back to the reading of this Australian report on  Campus Sex Crimes.
''THIS REPORT MARKS A HUGE MILESTONE,''  Kate Jenkins, Australia's sex discrimination commissioner, said at a new conference.

[6.9% in   Landmark Survey  say they were  assaulted, and  51% were harassed].

''For decades,   university students and survivors of  sexual assault     and sexual harassment have advocated for change. 

We have all heard stories of these behaviours  occurring on campus.

Today, we have the first statistically significant, national data on the scale and nature of this problem at Australia's universities!''

After  the release of the report.   the commission and  Universities and Australia made    several recommendations     regarding prevention,   the   response to accusations and specialized training for staff members,writes Jacqueline Williams. 

THE REPORT SHOWED THAT STUDENTS  often do not disclose  *sexual assaults*  to the police,  university administrations or-

Other formal reporting bodies,   -instead confiding in friends, tutors or lecturers, advocates say.

But these people are rarely trained to respond to such disclosure, prompting a new set of recommendations to provide them with specialized training.

''We know that the way of  a disclosure of  sexual assault  is handled in the very first instance can make all the difference. to the recovery of the victim or survivor,''  said Belinda Robinson, the  chief executive of  Universities Australia.

But the problems   go beyond just the  official response,  to deeply ingrained behaviours reflecting   what experts have long described   as a  culture of *hyper masculinity*  and privilege.

The report found, for example, that  bisexual students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students,   -and students with a disability were more likely to be harassed and assaulted than other students.

*The report also found that it was not just victims who did not report the episodes :  *bystanders stayed silent*

''The most common reason bystanders did not take any action were that they did not think  it was serious enough to intervene  or that they did not know what to do,'' the report said.

More results from the survey are expected to trickle out over the next days as news outlets work    to compile and compare statistics   from universities, which publicly release data on rates of sexual assault and harassment at their institutions.

The New York Times reported in June that over the past year  Australia had been grappling with  campus assaults and reprisals against victims. Some universities have been slow to discipline perpetrators-

Some provide access to counselors, though not necessarily with specialized training in  sexual assault; and education around the issue varies from campus to campus.

A January report by the  advocacy group  *End  Rape on Campus Australia* found  universities had frequently failed to support victims of sexual assault and harassment.

And while the problem is global, each new scandal in Australia  prompted more women to speak out.

Nina Funnell, a victim's advocate, said the commission's findings did not come as a surprise to advocacy groups.

''What the report shows is as expected : 

Young women/students  in Australia are experiencing shocking levels of sexual violence within universities,'' Ms. Funnell said.

''In the majority of cases, the perpetrators are known to them, and those who live in residential facilities are more likely the experience and are more at risk of  experiencing  sexual assault than those who are day students.''. 

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