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DON'T JUST LIVE YOUR VERY COMFORTABLE LIVES  :  Our own fears can be our greatest gifts!

STUDENTS MERIUM, RABO, SEHER KHAN/ King's College :   Now girls, one of you ought to track down :  Ambassador Malala Yusafzai and explain to her:

*That the World at Large can't and won't scale*. 

Only the *Students of the World*   can.   As pure and as simple as that.     So, Malala,    [ this youngest  Nobel Laureate, mankind has ever honored ]   in her every speaking assignment and  tour-

Should totally refer to the beauty and honour of the  World Students Society, and the fact that  Global Elections  are in the air. And the honour and the auspices of  hosting these elections is with the Students of America.

 Malala should work and sacrifice ten times more, travel the world and ensure  100%   that   Every single student of the world, and all  Professors and Teachers should join up.

!WOW!  -will some day,   give insight into every Cloud . Therefore, You, the great students of :

Russia, Peru, Lima, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, North Korea, Sweden, Norway, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Afghaninstan, China, Bhutan, Thailand, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Doha, Madagascar, Philippines, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, Uganda, Chad, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Greece, South Korea, Taiwan, and all and every country of the world .........drop everything and seize the moment,  

NOW STUDENTS , I repeat, yet again   :   ''Don't just live your very comfortable lives.'' 

Merium? Rabo? Malala? Dee? Haleema? Saima? Shahzaib? Salar? Bilal? Jordan? Eman? Zara?  Mustafa? Ibrahim? Hussain? Sanyia?  Faraz? Omer? Awais? Wajahat? Humayun? Aqsa? Haider? Reza? Toby? Vishnu? Zaeem? Danyial? Ahsen? Armeen?  

SELF-DELETING  messages can also  foul up long established record-retention practices and, for some federal employees, maybe the world over, they may constitute a violation of the law.

White House staff members, for example, are required by  *Presidential Records Act of  1978, to store copies of their work-related correspondence, while employees of other federal agencies, including  State Department are required to save their communications under the Federal Records Act.

When these records are created outside of  official channels   -or when, in the case of disappearing messages, they're never created at all   -a piece of History is lost.

Few issues produce bipartisan consensus in Washington these days, but the secure messaging trend has drawn criticism from all sides.

Citizens for   Responsibility and Ethics   in Washington, a watchdog group, recently filed a lawsuit against the  Trump administration, alleging that Mr. Trump and his associates  were :

''Ignoring and outright flouting''     public records laws by using  Texting apps like  Confide.

Judicial Watch*, a conservative group, sued the  Environmental Protection  Agency over its staff members' reported use of  Signal, calling the Apps popularity among government workers  ''disturbing''  and saying that it ''may make it difficult for their work to be overseen.''

''It's a serious issue that part of the  legal record  is being destroyed'' said John Wonderlich, the executive director of the  Sunlight Foundation, a group that advocates  open government.

*''Lots of  record-keeping requirements does not work very well  at all for the modern world.*''

Secure chats are especially tough to regulate, because they leave very few traces by design. But the scrutiny of the practice is growing.

In March, David S. Ferriero, America's archivist. sent a memo  to officials at federal agencies reminding them that they were  ''responsible for properly managing electronic messages that are federal records'' a cross a wide range of communications systems.

Representative Mike Quigley,  Democrat of  Illinois, recently introduced the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement [or COVFEFE] Act, which would extend the reach of the  Presidential Records Act to include social media posts and other digital records*.

Daniel Jacobson, a former  White House Lawyer during the Obama administration, told this research author that use of  apps  like  Signal and Confide among Trump administration officials might technically amount to criminal activity, under the laws that prohibit the destruction of government property.

And while  White House  staff members are unlikely to go to jail for texting, he said the preserving public records was an essential democratic, no matter which apps official use. 

''The public has a right to know what people in the  White House worked on,''  Mr. Jacobson said. 

''Especially at a time where basic facts are often disputed, it is important to know that the truth will one day be made public.''

Whether illicit or innocent,  the use of  secure texting  apps is probably here to stay. The alternative is just too fragile. in a world where a data breach can mean disaster.

It's therefore up to   regulators and technologists  to find a solution that provides both security and accountability.

If modern communication methods can be aligned with record-keeping laws, it will ensure that when our leaders conduct official business, the public still gets the message

Loud and Clear..

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' All Sciences- All Arts '''

Good Night and God Bless

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