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NO STUDENT, and I have the honour to repeat these two words yet again : *that no student, the world over, should ever consider himself  totally whole-

*Unless he can associate himself,  and then selflessly serve, a cause higher than himself*. Remember, NO two ways on that.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, in a very recent speech to her Parliament summed up  best       -in a unmistakable allusion to President Trump, that:

''Anybody who believes the problems of the world can be solved with isolationism and protectionism is making one big mistake.''

*This is a networked world*. No mistakes should be made on that.  

It is the  fate of the leaders of the world, to be confronted with all these intractable problems. Their every attempt to solve,  only creates new ones. The only solution : The World Students Society.

The World Students Society's  ''Global Elections*  have never been more urgent, more relevant or more important.  

!WOW!, the World Students Society   is the very best  of     *Democratic Platforms*     to assess and tackle    the critical threatening questions  about the world at this moment.

No Leader, No Parent,  Student, Professor, or Teacher  can abstain or absent himself from the honour of registering on the World Students Society and mobilizing every resource for the  Global Elections, the very next year.  

PROFESSOR YANIS VAROUFAIS  -from the University of Athens, and formerly Greece's  Finance Minister, brilliantly makes his mark:

''Today's false feud between  globalization and nationalism is undermining the very future of humanity, and spreading  dread and loathing. It must end.''

Where does  prey-predator  game between the  globalist establishment  and the isolationist  blood-and-soil  nationalists leave us?

The recent election in both Britain and France confirm that both strands are alive and kicking, reinforcing each other, as they tussle, to the detriment of vast majority their population.

Both Mrs. May's and the European Union's negotiating team in Brussels are investing their efforts in an  inevitable impasse, which each believe will bolster their political authority-

Even though it will disadvantage the population on both sides of the  English Channel  that must live with the consequences.

In the  United States, Mr. Trump is pursuing  economic policy that, if it has any effect, will set off a run on  Treasury bonds, at a time when the Fed is tightening  monetary policy.

A result will be a  panicked administration whose reflex will be to impose austerity measures before the midterm elections.

Those policies will further disadvantage precisely the regions and social groups that carried Mr. Trump into the White House.

So, what will it take to end this destructive dynamic of  mutual reinforcement  by the largely liberal establishment insiders  and the regressive nationalist outsiders?

The answer lies in  ditching both  globalism and isolationism in favor of an authentic internationalism. 

It lies neither in more deregulation nor in greater Keynesian stimulus, but in finding ways to put to useful purpose the global glut of savings. 

This would amount to an  *International New Deal* , borrowing from Franklin D, Roosevelt's plan the basic idea of mobilizing the private money for public purposes.

But rather than through  tax-and-spend programs at the level of national economics, this new deal should be administered by a partnership of  central banks-

[Like the Fed, the European Central Bank and others]  and public investment banks [like the World Bank, Germany's KTW Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and so on] 

Under the auspices and direction of the Group of 20, the investment bank could issue bonds in a coordinated fashion, which these central banks would be ready to purchase if necessary.  

By this means,  the available pool of global savings would provide the funds for major investments in the jobs, the regions, the health and education projects and the great technologies that humanity needs. 

A further step would be to generate more,  better balanced  trade by establishing a new international  clearing union, to be run by the  International Monetary Fund.

The new clearing union would help to rebalance trade and create an *International Wealth Fund* to fund programs to alleviate poverty, develop human capital and support marginalized communities in the United States, Europe, maybe the whole world.

Today's  false feud  between globalization and  nationalism  is undermining the future of humanity, and spreading dread and loathing.
It must end.

A new internationalist spirit that would build institutions to serve the interest of the many is pertinent today across the world as  Roosevelt's New Deal was for America in the 1930s. 

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and............... Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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