Headline July 15, 2017/ ''' 21ST *CENTURY DEALS* 21s '''

''' 21ST *CENTURY DEALS* 21s '''

*ONE OF THE CRICKETING GREATS* of the world *  :
Younas Khan, from Proud Pakistan, donated his *historic cricketing bat*- for the cause of education.

In April 2017, he completed 10,000 test cricket runs with many a beautiful bats including this one. The World Students Society, acknowledges and honours, this great athlete, human, and an outstanding striker of the ball. 

The Developing World at large. just so often, gets composed of some very great gestures, just as it can always exhibit some terrible scares. Like being scared at the movies -is a particular kind of pleasure-

Which, I now understand, as to why horror movies so often do well at the box office. 

And so not far from Younas Khan's demographic point with this splendid gesture, say, just over 600 miles down South in Pakistan

 *Government Degree College Ibrahim Hyderi/ Sindh* is one of the many ill-fated buildings that have NOT seen- any teachers or students since its inauguration in 2012. 

It now resembles a 'haunted house' and is surrounded be sewage water, and is the permanent residence of choice of drug addicts, petty crooks and for sure, bandits, robbers and criminals.

And with such conflicting emotions at work, I turn to understand this great thinking and research from Professor Yanis Varousfakis, University of Athens, and a former finance minister of Greece.

In Greece, a small country, yet one that has proved to be a bellwether thanks to its gargantuan and systematically significant debt -protests against the debt bondage imposed on the population-

Evolved into a progressive, international coalition led by the Syriza party that came from nowhere to win government. In Spain, a similar movement. Podemos, began to rise in the polls, threatening to do the same.

In Britain a left-wing internationalist tendency that had been marginal in the Labour Party coalesced around the leadership campaign of Jeremy Corbyn -and surprised itself by winning.

Soon after, the independent socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders carried the same spirit into the Democratic Party primaries.

Everywhere, the political establishment treated these left-of center, progressive internationalists with a mixture of contempt, ridicule, character assassination and brute force  -the worst case, of course, being the treatment of of the Greek government.

By 2016, the establishment's arrogance met its first frightful nemesis: Brexit. the shock waves from the insiders 'unheralded defeat in that referendum rippled across the West.

They brought new energy to Donald Trump's outsider campaign in the American Presidential election and they invigorated Marine Le Pen's National front in France.

From the West to the East, a new Nationalist International -an allied front of right wing chauvinist parties and movements -arose.

The clash between the Nationalist International and the establishment was both illusory and real. the venom between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was genuine, as was the loathing in Britain between the Remain camp and the Leavers.

But these combatants are accomplices, as much as foes, creating a feedback loop of mutual enforcement that defines them and mobilizes their supporters.

The trick is to get outside the closed system of that loop. The progressive internationalism of Mr. Corbyn's Labour Party. 

Mr. Sander's supporters and the Greek anti-austerity movement came to offer an alternative to the deceptive binaries of establishment insiders and nationalist outsiders.

An interesting dynamic ensued : As the insiders defeated or sidelined the progressive internationalist outsiders, it was the nationalist outsiders who benefited.
But once Mr. Trump, the Brexiteers and Ms. Le Penn were strengthened, a remarkable new alignment took place, with a series of unstable mergers between outsider forces and the establishment.

In Britain, we saw the Conservative Party, a standard bearer of the establishment, adopt the pro-Brexit program of the tiny, extreme nationalist. U.K. Independence Party.

In the United States, the outsider in chief, Mr. Trump formed an administration made up of Wall Street executives, oil companies oligarchs and Washington lobbyists.

As for France, the anti-establishment new president, Mr. Macron is about to embark on an austerity agenda straight out of the insiders' manual. 

This will, most probably, end by fueling the current of isolationist nationalism in France. 

Where does then, this prey-predator game between the globalist establishment and the isolationist blood-and- soil nationalist leave the world and us?

The Honour and Serving of the latest writings, and research on Economics, Politics and Development continues.

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