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*THE REFUGEE STUDENTS*  -and the Refugees, the whole world over, must be made to reason and understand-

That their best hope for now and the future is the  World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called !WOW!. One Share-Piece-Peace for every refugee.

Most Welcome, to every refugee in the world, from the World Students Society, whose present fleeting conceptual host, till the Global Elections are held,   is Proud Pakistan. The country where Malala Yusafzai was born and grew up. 

*Happy Birthday*, to Ambassador Malala Yusufzai :  The Only Solution for a Changing World is the great students of the world coming together on the World Students Society.

We are at a remarkable  cross-roads in history,  where every recent event is challenging the arc of progress and prosperity, and upending fundamental beliefs about humanity, globalisation,  international cooperation and enduring nature of democracy.

The World Students Society's  *!WOW!-Democracy Platform*    has never been more honoured, more urgent, relevant or important.  

The Work  and  Reward  : THE DISCONNECT

IN AMERICA  : Working hard and getting ahead used to go hand in hand. But that, it now seems, was a long, long  time ago, before decades of stagnating incomes and rising inequality took their toll.

A study published recently by the  National Bureau Economic Research provided an unvarnished look at the damage.

The researchers from the  University of  Minnesota, the  University of Chicago, Princeton University and the  Social Security Administration, analyzed the lifetime income histories of millions of workers who started working-

From 1957 to 1983  and the partial histories of those who entered the work force after that.

The findings are a stark reminder that the twin scourges of: poor wage growth and income inequality, left unaddressed will only worsen.

Men have been harder hit than women. Partly because they had more to lose. Lifetime income rose modestly for the typical man who entered the the labor force from  1957 to 1966. But then it began to decline.

In all, the median lifetime income for men who began working in 1983 was lower than than for men who started in 1967, by 10 percent to 19 percent, depending on the inflation measure used.

The decline was mainly a result of lower pay after adjusting for inflation, and not from reductions in weekly hours or years in the work force. 

Over the same period, the median life time income of women increased by  22% to 33%, as more women spent more hours and years in the labor force.

But the gains, from a very low starting point, were smaller than men's losses and were not enough to eliminate the historic gap in hourly pay between men and women.

As workers lose ground,  inequality deepens,because money that would flow to wages tends to flow instead to those at the top of the income ladder.

There is no care-all, but there are policies remedies. Updated overtime pay standards would raise pay broadly in the service sector, as would closing the gender pay gap, through better disclosure of corporate pay scales, anti --discrimination legislation and litigation.  

And with that I blow the reading leaf to move to the next page.

When the financialization of  Western economies led to the great financial crisis of of  2007-8, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic showed no compunction about practicing welfare socialism for bankers.

Meanwhile, more vulnerable citizens were abandoned to the mercy of unfettered markets, which saw them as too expensive to hire at a decent wage and too indebted to court otherwise.

When the insiders' rescue schemes  -including quantitative easing,  the buying up of toxic assets,   the eurozone bailouts    and    temporary nationalization of banks   -succeeded in refloating banks and asset prices-

They also left whole regions in the United States, and whole countries on Europe's periphery, stagnant.

It was not rising inequality that provoked undying anger among these discarded people. 

It was the loss of dignity, of the dreams of social mobility, as well as the experience of living in communities that were leveled  down, so that majority of people were increasingly equal but equally miserable.  

*As more and more voters became mad as hell* governing parties lost elections  between,  2008  and  2012  in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and elsewhere.

The problem was that the  incoming administrations  were as much part of the establishment as the outgoing ones. And they made bipartisan the very approach that had caused the wave of anger that carried them into office.

That approach was doomed, not least because economic forces were already working against the new governments. 

After the  2008 crash, the monetary easing by the central bank institutions like the  Federal Reserve,  the  Bank of  Japan and the  Bank of England fended off a  global repeat of the Great Depression.

China's unleashing of a  huge  credit-fueled  construction boom, which saw investment rise to  48%  of national income in 2010,  from 42% in 2007, and total credit climb to  220 per cent  of the national income by 2014, from........ 130%  in 2007-

Also softened the  financial market failure of the West.      

Unsurprisingly. though, these  central bank  money-creation schemes and the Chinese credit bubble proved unable to prevent severe regional depression , which struck from Detroit to Athens, nor could they prevent sharp global deflation from 2012 to 2015.

By 2014, voters had begun to give up on the new administration they had voted for after 2008 in the false hope that the establishment's loyal opposition could provide new solutions.

Thus, 2015, saw the first challenges to the insiders authority start to surface.   

To sum, this great research, the best advice Ambassador Malala Yusufzai will ever get, will come from the great students of the World Students Society : 

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Seher Khan,  Zilli,  Sarah, Eman, Dee, Shahzaib Yusafzai, Vishnu/India, Zara,  Salar Khan, Bilal, Jordan, Danyial/ UK, Zaeem-

Toby.China, Dantini/Malaysia, Armeen/Lums, Reza/Canada. Ron/Russia, Mustafa, Faraz, Tom/Singapore, Hamad,  Kasamatsu/Japan,  and on and on I can go........And 

Almighty God's Little Darling Angels :Maynah, Ibrahim Majeed, Maria Imran, Harem Faraz, Hannia Khan and Merium Khan.

The Honour and Serving of the  latest  Operational Research on............. Economics,   Life and Liberty continues.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and,,,,,, Twitter-!E-WOW!  the Ecosystem 2011:

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