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*The  World Students Society*  is now working up its election models : methods, formulae, promotions, awareness, and timings-  that  has enabled you with a claim of  the  *Biggest Honour Moment*.

!Grasp The Moment!.

IN A BYGONE  ANALOG ERA   -lawmakers and  corporate chiefs traveled great distances to  swap secrets, in the smoke filled back rooms of-

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, or the  watering holes of the annual  Allen & Company conference in  Sun Valley, Idaho.

But these days, entering the corridors of power is as easy as opening an app. Secure messaging apps like  WhatsApp,  Signal and  Confide are making inroads among lawmakers, corporate executives and other prominent communicators.

Spooked by surveillance and way of being exposed by hackers, they are switiching from phone calls and emails to apps that allow them to send encrypted and self-destructing texts.

These apps have obvious benefits, but their use is causing problems in heavily regulated industries, where careful record-keeping is a standard procedure.

''By and large, email is still used for formal conversations,'' said Juleanna Glover, a corporate consultant based in Washington. ''But for quick shots, Texting is the medium of choice.'' 

*Texting apps are already creating headaches on Wall Street, where financial regulations require firms to preserve emails, instant messages, and other business related correspondence*.

In March Christopher Niehaus  an  investment banker  with the Jefferies Group in London, resigned from his job and was fined nearly  $50,000  by  British regulators after disclosing  confidential client  information to a friend over  WhatsApp.

Deutsche Bank barred its employees from  Texting  and using  WhatsApp  on their work phones in an effort to curtail underground communication.

And last year, prosecutors charged  Navnoor King, a portfolio manager at the New York State Common Retirement Fund , with securities fraud, accusing him of taking bribes as a part of   pay-to-play scheme.

According to the indictment,  Mr. Kang and his .co-conspirators plotted their deeds over,  you guessed it  WhatsApp

The appeal of these  apps  is no big mystery. Cyber attacks on prominent people   -like the  2014  hack of  Sony Pictures  executives  and the WikiLeaks release of emails from John D. Podesta, Hillary Clinton's former campaign chairman   -have put the Davos class on high alert.

And  President's election in November led to boom in business  for encrypted texting apps among those who feared he would intensify surveillance tactics.

Whether they are trying to evade the law, arrange fragile deals or just talk candidly without fear of snooped on,  business executives and other leaders have many reasons for wanting a private back channel.

''After the 2016 elections, there's an assumption that at some point, everyone's emails will be made public,'' said Alex Conant, a partner of the public affairs firm Firehouse Strategies and a former spokesman for  Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Most people are now aware, Mr. Conant said, that  ''if you want to have truly private conversations, it needs to be over one of those encrypted apps.'' 

For now, America's elites seem to be using  secure apps  mostly for one-on-one conversations,  but the days of governance by group text might not be far off.

Last year, a group affiliated with Britain's Conservative  Party was discovered to be using a secret  WhatsApp, conversation to coordinate a pro  ''Brexit''  messaging campaign, while a separate WhatsApp group was being used by politicians of the Remain effort.

Encrypted  chat and email  programs have existed for years, but many were clunky and very hard to use. 

That changed when WhatsApp , a messaging program owned by Facebook with more than a billion users, turned on encryption by default for all of its users last year, making it simple for even tech averse to talk securely. 

Disappearing messages, once the province of teenagers on  Snapchat, have also become standard issue for the paranoid-

And even mainstream apps like  Facebook Messenger   now allow users to send secret, self-destructing messages. 

And all that, and all of the above,  to  the very fond and very respectful memories of  Two Great Teachers:

My Principal  Hugh Catchpole Esq 
M.A.. History, Oxford University.

My House Master Malik Haq Nawaz Esq;  University of London, for his brilliance in English Literature.  

With many, many thanks for all these great humans who taught me  Texting, conventions. and technology : Lecturer Mohammed Hammad Khan/ University of Reading,  Merium,  Rabo,  Saima, Haleems, Sarah,   and Dee, and Ahsen/ Armeen/Lums.

With special thanks to Kevin Rose for news analysis,  Student Hussain Ali/ Saint Marys/ Nust, for his recent lectures on Texting,  and   Zilli  for all the mastery and completeness in just about everything.

The Honour and Serving of the  latest Operational Research on Technology, Tools and Laws continues. Thank Ya all for reading and please, do share forward.

With respectful dedication to all  the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World  Students  Society and  Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Complex Honours '''

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