Headline July 04, 2017/ ''' iPHONE *iN* iNDENT '''

''' iPHONE *iN* iNDENT '''

STUDENTS  :  MARIAM & RABO,  so beautiful,  two  humans, were studying technology, when I first caught a discreet glimpse,  and then through them, I  got acquainted with an iPhone.

Gracious and kind hosts as they always were, whilst  these both Heroes went about making  some tea for me, I quickly took some real envious weighing  looks at their iPhones

A few  navigational questions to Rabo's genius technology bent, I knew here was an  *Apple of my Eye*. But the real question remained, where best to raise the requisite resource from,  in order to buy one. I never could.

I consoled myself, by joining the largest pack of other Heroes  : Dee, Sameen, Saima, Hussain, Aqsa, Zainab,  Haider,  Ali. The majority don't own an iPhone, I admonished myself.

But there's a  silver lining  to me heartburn. Should the Prime Minister of Pakistan H.E. Mian Nawaz Sharif  allows and donates  !WOW!    some reasonable resource- 

I could get  the students to invent a  ''Virtual Phone''.  !WOW!. Any bets?    

IN LIFE AND IN PRACTICE : Always put   *humans/ students*   First,  and everything else including code second.  Most  technologists and great companies do, [as I observed] -

Focus on a   *vulnerability so widespread*, that most begin to act as if it doesn't exist : Humanity. I say this because very recent research shows that-

*Instagram is the most stress inducing social network*.

After surveying nearly  1,500  young people/students  about their social media use, the  United Kingdom 's  Royal Society for  Public Health found that  Instagram  was the  worst platform for their health and well being-

Associated with  bullying, sleep loss,  body-image issues, anxiety and fear of missing out.

And now, on we go to the  The One Device : THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE iPHONE  by Brian Merchant.  

ALSO WITH BEING SPLASH-, WATER  AND DUST-RESISTANT,  this beauty of  master creation has also seemed very resistant to History,

Brian Merchant also tells the origin stories of the technologies that converged into the iPhone :

.- Gorilla Glass.
.- Motion Sensors.
.- Lithium-ion batteries.
.- ARM chips.
.- Wireless technology and so on.

The iPhone is designed for maximum efficiency and compactness. ''The One Device''  isn't

The three chapters on the development of  of the  iPhone are the very heart of the book, but there's some filler too.

It's curiously unilluminating to read a metallurgical analysis of a pulverized iPhone, or to watch Merchant    trudge around the globe on a kind of a iCalvary in search of the  raw materials Apple uses-

Through a  Stygian Bolivian tin mine and a lithium mine in the Chilean desert and an  e-waste  dump in Nairobi where many iPhones end up.

This kind of hacker tourism can be done well  -the goal standard is  Neal Stephenson's epic  1996  Wired article  ''Mother Earth- Mother Board''.  

His one conspicuous success in this line is his visit to  Foxconn factory outside Shenzhen, China, were  iPhones are manufactured.

Foxconn has a reputation for  bad labor  conditions, and visiting Westerners are closely chaperoned, but during a trip to the  bathroom Merchant manages to ditch his minders and take a stroll through the vast, dystopian facility.

''It is factories all the way down,'' he writes, '' a million consumer electronics being threaded together together in identically drab monoliths. You feel tiny among them,  like a brief spit of organic matter between aircraft-carrier-size engines of industry.''

It's a palpable glimpse of the way the  iPhone  has, like a shiny glossy virus, physically reshaped the world to produce copies of itself.   

Merchant shows  how many people's work  went into the  creation of the iPhone, as a counterweight  to the  ''myth of the lone inventor''    -the notion that after countless hours of toiling ,  one man can conjure up an  invention that changes the course of history.''

The Lone  Inventor  starts showing his straw  stuffing after a couple of paragraphs, but  Merchant  spends entire chapters chatting with people like Mitsuaki.

Oshima  undoubtedly  has hidden depths,  but as an interviewer  Merchant  is powerless to reveal them. ['' Even with the shake of the camera, the image did not blur, at all. It was too good to be true!'' etc]

Even worse is  Merchant's  ghastly   time-travelling  habit.

In order to talk about  magnetometers we first have to sit still for a history lesson   [ compasses have to can be traced back at least as far back as the Han dynasty, around 206 B.C.]

The Honour and Serving of the latest  ''operational research''   on great Icon products, Icon companies, and  great inventions, continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see ya on the following one.

With  most respectful dedication   to the Technology Research  Leaders,   Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!    -the World Students Society and  Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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