Headline July 01, 2017/ ''' *EMINENCE*... !WOW! .,.ELECTIONS '''

''' *EMINENCE*... !WOW!  


WITH ALMIGHTY GOD'S BLESSINGS :  the World Students Society, in the fullness of time ahead, say next year,  is all set to rise to EMINENCE-

Yes, great Eminence! :  And begin the  Global Execution of  *Elections* next year  :  Country by country, learning by learning, model by model, and Honour by Honour.

Dr. Mohammed Jawaid Khan, I TASK  : 
Convent,  Saint Marys,    Aitchison College,   *Sword-of-Honour*,  Kings College, UK,  University of Virginia Ph.D,    [with a GPA of 4],    and now researching and teaching at University of California, to begin all  earnest preparations.

He is to leave nothing to chance, and never ever, anything to error. Total blank canvas : 

And as I do that, I honour and thank every Leader,  Student, Professor and Teacher in this  great country, the  *United States of America*, for their immeasurable support to the World Students Society, most lovingly called !WOW! 

The World Students Society, is the ever ownership of every student of America.  Just as it is the ownership of every single student in the world : so governed by elected students and overseen by sterling humans on the International Committee.

NO TWO DAYS are ever the same:  

when and if used wisely, could snatch back things for you all, and help you build a better world with a great ecosystem where you all will have a voice, influence and power.

The research setforth below is the outstanding work of  Yara Rodrigues Fowler, a writer and a campaigner and Charlotte Goodman, a postgraduate law student : 

I AM SURE THAT by now, you may very well have heard that  Young Voters/Students   were critical  in the  United Kingdom  earlier this month, helping deliver embarrassing losses to the Conservative Party.

*As politically active progressives in our  20s*,   we were eager to help mobilize the youth/students  vote before the election. But we also knew that reaching out to people in our mostly  left-wing  social bubble would change nothing.

Yara's matches on the dating app  Tinder  were surprisingly responsive when she suggested that they register to vote. So we decided to scale it up.

With the help of  two software engineers, Erika Pheby and Kyle Buttner, we designed a  Chatbot, a smart computer program that deployed an adaptable script. 

In the two days ahead of the election earlier this month, the  Chatbot struck up conversations with thousands young people between  18 and 25 years old on Tinder. The Chatbot   talked about politics, with the aim of getting voters to  help oust the Conservative government.

The results were amazing. Over 30,000 messages reached young people/students in key constituencies.

This is how it worked:

People we recruited from Facebook and  Twitter   ''lent''  us their Tinder profiles, and the  bot  convinced Tinder that their profiles were in  geographical locations where the vote was close.

In these places, the proportion of  18 - 25-year-olds was high enough that they could swing election   -if they turned out at the national average.

Using the photograph of the person who'd lent their profile, the program would automatically swipe  ''yes''  on every user, and if someone swiped ''yes'' back, creating a  ''match''  the  bot would ask about the user's voting plans.

If the user planned to vote for  Labour  [or whatever party best placed to beat the Conservatives], the bot sent a message with a link to the nearest polling station.  

If the user planned to vote for another progressive party,  the bot asked if he or she would consider a  tactical vote  to beat the Tories, voting for the progressive party most likely to beat the  Conservatives in their area.

And if the user was voting for a right-wing  party or was unsure, the bot sent a list of  Labour policies, or a criticism of Tory policies.

People who lent their profiles could jump in and chat at any time. And they very much did.   

We were amazed by the number of people saying they'd spent hours convincing a match  300 miles away that  high taxation  for the rich would benefit them, because we all benefit from investment in the  National Health Service.

Others organized dates with people with whom they had compatible politics. The occasional match was disappointed to be  talking to a bot instead of a human, but there was very little negative feedback.

TINDER is too casual a platform for users to feel hoodwinked by some political conversation.

By and large, users surprised us with their receptiveness. Some people who received bot messages asked how they could join us. Our inboxes were flooded.

The number of  profiles lent to us in just two evenings was incredible   -we needed a 10 person team to process sign ups. We knew we were a part of something big.      

The Honour and Serving of the latest  ''Operational Research'' on *Elections and  Mass Mobilizing Tools*   continues.  Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see you on the following one:

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students,    Professors   and Teachers of the world.    See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!    -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Tinder & Tender '''

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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