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'' WELL, ZILLI, CAN YOU JUST STOP FOR A MOMENT, and go check with all the students of the world, as to what great things-

They have  INNOVATED  and  attempted  recently. to help build a great world?  

On The World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!,   by every human existence point in the world,   the founding philosophy has been, and will always be :

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Well, let me  just ask Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Sanyia, Sarah, Eman, Zainab, Tooba, Nina, Aqsa, Paras, Sorat,  Shahbano............   

Hussain,   Shahzaib, Bilal, Faraz, Ali, Furqan, Wajahat, Umer,  Jordan, Salar,  Haider, Vishnu, Toby?.............  

*UNBEKNOWNST TO MOST OF YOU*   -but anyone who cares about the future of the  PC   should be thrilled to know-

That  APPLE   now faces a   very serious   and a very growing threat from a highly creative  competitor :   

\ MASTER MICROSOFT /  :   is creating products more  and  certainly more daring than much of what has been coming out of  Apple Garden's lately.

When Microsoft  unveiled  the  first   Surface Tablet  just over five years ago, it was to say and stay the least : A Spectacular Failure.

At the time, the  Apple iPhone  was well on its way to conquering the technology industry, and the  iPad  appeared set to lead an even more devastating invasion of  Microsoft's  office-worker Kingdom.

Microsoft conceived of  Surface, an innovative  laptop-tablet hybrid, as a way to show off the  versatility of its software.

Windows machines, it argued, could work as phones,  personal computers and tablets. And didn't everyone love windows?

Nope. Microsoft soon took a  $900 million write-off for unsold Surfaces. Another effort to break into the  hardware  business, its acquisition of the limping  phone-maker Nokia, dug a deeper river of red ink  -a $7.6 billion write-off.

By the summer of 2015,  Microsoft's hardware  dreams looked crushed. Even today the  Xbox One, Microsoft's latest video games console, is losing to the Sony PlayStation 4.

Still, Microsoft  has persisted, and today, the company is making the most visionary computers in the industry, if not the best machines. Period.

In the last two years, while Apple has focused mainly on  mobile devices, Microsoft has put out a series of computers that reimagine the future PC in thrilling ways.

Yes, Apple loyalists, that's just my subjective view, states master researcher Farhad Manjoo.  And yes, Microsoft's latest financial result aren't exactly on my side here;

The company announced last week that its  CLOUD Software business is growing rapidly revenue for its  Surface division declined by 2% over the last year [because of changes it made in its launch schedule].

Microsoft, of course, makes most of its money from PC business by licensing Windows to other Computer Makers, and it says that part of its goal in building hardware is to inspire and guide those companies' designs.

But it also wants the  Surface  line to sell   -and although the division has grown enormously in the last few years, becoming a critical part of Microsoft's overall business,  Surface is still far smaller than Apple's Mac or iPad line.

Yet perhaps because it's way behind Apple, Microsoft's hardware division is creating products more daring than much of what has been coming out of its rivals lately.

The hybrid  Surface Pro    -the inheritor of that first Surface's  vision, the latest version of which was released in May   -hasn't just become a money maker for the company.

It was also the  clear inspiration  for the  Apple - iPad Pro, which supports a pen and a  keyboard but still feels less like a full-fledged laptop than Surface does.

Late last year, Microsoft also unveiled  Surface  Studio, a big-screen desktop that bears a passing resemblance  to  Apple iMac   -except its vertical display effortlessly pivot into a kind of  digital drafting table,  a slick trick that you can imagine-

Steve Jobs having a lot of fun showing off at a keynote address.

And in the spring, Microsoft showed off Surface Laptop, which sounds humdrum enough; in shape and purpose, it isn't much  different  from the MacBook Air, Apple's pioneering thin and light laptop.

But  Microsoft  machine has a better screen than Air,    and much more important, a future.

People and students loved the  Air,  but  Apple doesn't appear to want to upgrade it,  so  Microsoft  stepped in to  perfect  Apple's Baby.

The Honour and Serving of the  Operational Research  on latest  Hardware and Technology continues.

With respectful dedication to Microsoft and  all the Technology companies of the World, and then,  all   Students,  Professors and  Teachers. See Ya all on Master !WOW!   -the World Students Society and  Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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