Headline June 12, 2017/ ''' FACING *FURY'S* FUTURE '''


YOU HAVE ENTERED A TIME OF  -unprecedented and a spiraling change in the World. It is a time when countries and international organizations-

Are looking to the  world stage  and reexamining  the role they want to play in the future. Faced with such a situation, we must then ask ourselves some tough questions:  

If  globalization defined the  20th century,  what will define the 21st century for you all?

I think time enough to get back to some of the fundamentals :  those that will build the edifice of your life : a successful and fulfilling life, I hope.

*A critical eye then* : And a passing observation and conclusion for the Students of France.  Tough Times for young people/students in France. While the overall unemployment rate in France-

Stands at about  10pc, the rate is much higher for workers,  -under the age of 25 : ,,,,,,,,,,,about 25%.  

REMEMBER TO RETHINK   WHAT YOU WANT TO DO  VERSUS    what you 'should do'.  

Some times other people wishes tamp down our true desires for our jobs and careers. But dutifully fulfilling others expectations is unlikely to make you happy over the long run.

To figure out what  you're truly passionate about, try this very, very interesting experiment: Identify one specific activity to examine, whether it's something  you're unhappy with or something you want to grow and develop in.

Take a quick inventory of your personal values and passions. What drives you? What would you love to do if there was nothing in your way?

Compare your passions with the activity you're examining. is there any overlap between them?  If not, it might time to make a change  -and to redirect where you focus your time and effort:

[Adapted from  Free Yourself From What You  'Should Be Doing, by Andy Molinsky] 

*IF YOU THINK MACHINES ARE SMART TODAY.......that just wait a year on and you are in for many a surprises of your life*.

PALO ALTO, CALIF : Political analysts will long debate over where Brexit, Trump and Le Pen came from. Many say, income gaps. "I'd say........ not quiet.

I'd say.....income anxiety.........and the stress over what it now takes to secure and hold a good job.

*I believe the accelerations set loose by  Silicon Valley  in technology and digital globalization have created a world where every descent job demands more skill and, now, lifelong learning*.

More students/people can't keep up, and clearly some have reached for leaders who promise to stop the wind, 

Let me elaborate through a few conversations, starting with Brian Krzanich, the  C.E.O of Intel, who recently remarked to me ,.......... ''I believe my grandchildren will not drive.''

Since he has teenage daughters, that means  self-driving  vehicle  should be fully deployed in 25 years, at which time you won't  ''steer''  your car but will program it on a  smartphone or watch  or  glasses.

Sounds like fun   -unless you're one of the millions who drive a truck or cab for a living.

But don't think you're safe as an accountant either,

Mark Bohr, Intel's senior fellow  for technology, explained to me that Intel's main workhorse microprocessor today is the  14-nanometer   chip it introduced in 2014.

It packs  37.5 million transistors  per square millimeter. By the end of 2017, thanks to  Moore's law , Intel will began producing a 10-nm chip that will pack   ''100 million transistors  per square millimeter  more than double the 
previous density with less heat and power usage,'' said Bohr.

If you think machines are smart today........wait a year. It's this move from 14-nm  to  10-nm chips that will help enable automakers to shrink the brain of a self-driving car-

A brain that has to take in sensor data  from 360 degrees and instantly process whether it's a dog, a human, or biker or another car   -from something that fills a whole trunk to a small box under the front seat, so these cars can scale,     

When you get that much processing power, putting out that much data exhaust with ever-improving software, you can create a world where we can *analyze, prophesize and optimize*  with a precision unknown in human history.

We can see trends we never saw, predict when engine parts will break and replace them before they do, with great savings, and we can optimize everything   -from the most energy-saving flight path for an airplane to the ideal drilling path for a natural gas well.

I recently visited the control room at  Devon Energy, a large  Oil and Gas producer, in Oklahoma City:

It's half a floor of computer screens displaying data coming out of every well Devon is drilling around the world.

At the bottom of each screen are two boxes that blew my mind : 
One box displays how much money was budgeted to drill that particular well per foot, and the other box displays in real time-

How much the drilling of well is actually costing as it bores through different rocks, and it's updated every foot. 

The Honor and Serving of the  latest  \\Operational Research//   on Technological Developments and the Skill Market continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see you on the following one:

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