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*Just for moment the state of the world for you all* :    IN AGE OF ANGER : A HISTORY OF THE PRESENT,    Pankaj Mishra problematically uses ''anger''  and  ''rage''  as synonyms, but-

One of his important contributions is to highlight the  ''fun house mirrors'' of fury that make all militant groups, white supremacy and Hindu fundamentalism blur into each other.

THIRTY YEARS -after South Korea became a democracy voters born in the period went to polls some two  Tuesdays ago-

Frustrated over their prospects- and demanding change as growth slows and job prospects get into a fade mode.

The decades long  ''Miracle on the Han''   -named after the river that flows through Seoul   -propelled the country from a  war-ravaged  ruin to Asia's fourth largest economy and the ranks of the OECD.

But its  younger voters/students  complain bitterly that times have changed dramatically from their parents' generation, when  hard work paid off with wealth and success regardless of the social origin.

Unemployment  among  students/youth defined as those under  30  -has risen for  five consecutive years to hit an all-time  high of 9.8 per cent in 2016, more than double the overall average.

South Korea is a notoriously performance-driven country, where the pressure to get into a prestigious university is so intense that most students/children begin  after-hours studies at cramming centres while at primary school.

But for those students  in their   20s and  30s,   attending  the  best educational institutions no longer guarantees a decent job, with companies reluctant to hire in the face of a slowing growth, now below 3% a year.

According to reports,  the giant conglomerates  that dominate the economy such as  Samsung, SK and Hyundai receive hundreds of  thousands of applications a year for just a few thousand positions.

A Korea Economic Research  Institute poll of the country's  500 largest companies last month showed nearly a quarter of respondents planned to reduce new hires or not recruit at all in the first half of the year.

With their entry in the work force indefinitely delayed, college graduates spend years filling out college forms.

Even more depressing the sense of despair that the lack of opportunities compared with the past, and far more competition means they will never improve their position in a country with a rigid class structure.

''I think the biggest problem is inequality,'' said Park Hye Shin, a 27 year old student at Hankook University of Foreign Studies.

''You can't climb the social ladder no matter how hard you try. Even if you attend the best university, every step you take in life is contest after contest.''      .  

And the Age of Anger and Rage, Mishra constructs a similar narrative to that of Tariq Ali's in The Clash of Fundamentalisms or Mohsin Hamid's in The Reluctant Clash of Fundamentalist.

All three men criticize what Mishra calls  'fundamentalism' today [,,,] American Imperialism,'' and Hamid Term's globalisation's ''janissaries''.

These capitalism radicals tessellate on global society's extreme edges with all kinds of groups, such as Al-Qaeda, and other militant groups, including India's Rashtryia Swayam sevak Sangh [RSS]

Mishra traces developments from the  Enlightenment epoch   -when rampant individualist  Voltaire  squared up to embittered nationalist  Jean Jacques Rousseau   -up to our current Age of anger-

Which he characterizes  as a : ''presently exploding netherworld of political rage,  conspiracy theory and paranoia.''

''Enlightened  self-interest  led, '' Mishra asserts.

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