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IT IS A MATTER  OF UTTER DISGRACE  to read, and observe about the cheating that has been done during Sindh  Intermediate Examinations, here in Pakistan.

The leaked video clearly shows that  Students     were  using   books, cellphones and  Whatsapp  to solve   the exam paper.  None of the invigilators was stopping them.

This confirms that it all happened with  mutual consent  between Students and Invigilators...............

The Students who cheat might pass the examinations but its aftermaths would be quite horrible. Such types of students will surely use unfair means  at every level to get to the work done.

This not kills merit once for all, but it can prove destructive for the well-being of the state and destroy any nation's very weal. 

THE POTENTIAL THREAT that  The Developing World     faces today is also the insidious devastation of human resources.

It is a silent crisis, yet to be recognised as an entire generation of students/children faces a slow death by malnutrition.

Denied basic nutrients   -especially protein  -essentially for their physical and cognitive growth in the critical first  1000 days  of life, the majority of students/children never enjoy the same health and mental growth as that of a normal well-fed student/child.

Paediatricians tell us that the damage done during this window of life   -from conception till the second birthday   -cannot be reversed. We have been warned, but nothing stirs us out of our complacency.

Take the case of Proud Pakistan. According to the  Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey  2013-2014, 45 percent of students/children under the age of five in Pakistan are stunted while  30pc are under weight.

That means of our  students/children are denied the capacity to realize fully their learning and growth potential. Malnutrition also affects their mothers who give birth to them.

This is the real food  insecurity  that Proud Pakistan and the whole of the   Developing World  faces.

Its  grim implications are not reported by the media because we do not have too many deaths by famine. But, silently, the minds of our  students/children are dying.

It is irony that we cannot feed the  little ones when nature at least has blessed Pakistan with an abundance of wheat. Poverty and the unaffordable price of wheat means that the children are being starved of nutrition.

The decline in official subsidies over the years and the rising costs of  inputs has put food beyond the reach of the  common man.

It is time to think of new solutions   especially in terms of providing  nourishment to  students/children.

*The Food and Agriculture organization has the answer in  ''QUINOA'' which has been dubbed as the miracle grain,  the magic food and,  above all, the complete processing all the  essential amino acids needed to build the body and brain of a growing student/child.*

Another major advantage it offers is its  low cost  of production and its natural adaptability  to diverse climatic conditions.

FAO, a vocal advocate , declared  2013  as the  International Year of the Quinoa. The grain, it is claimed, has many nutritional properties  and is also cheap to grow.

Here at the first temporary, fleeting hosts, *Proud Pakistan*   -Dr Shahzad Basra, a professor of agronomy  at the  Faisalabad Agriculture University, is an ardent supporter of the  Quinoa  and has been doing research on the seed since 2009-

When he imported some  germplasm  from the  US Department of Agriculture to test it in Pakistani conditions.

According to the Professor,  Quinoa is gluten free   , rich in protein  [15-19 per cent], has many mineral such as :
.- Zinc
.- Magnesium
.- Manganese etc
.- And a low glycemic index.

The learned professor also points out that  Quinoa is a resilient crop that is not affected by unfavorable weather,  thrives in saline soil-  clayey or sandy ......and is drought resistant.

The yield per acre is  800 kilograms.

This is much lower than that of wheat. But I presume the yield of Quinoa will grow with more research and cultivation.

And on Cheating at Exams, I request the authorities concerned, on behalf of the World Students Society to ensure and deter all such activities. 

The mafia which offers and helps students cheat must be exposed and dealt with sternly. 

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