Headline May 19, 2017/ ''' STUDENTS -ANGELS- SHACKLED '''


HOW MANY ANGELS ARE IN JAIL?...India? Pakistan, Bangladesh, Siri Lanka, China? Russia? Afghanistan? Thailand? US?.   *The Whole World?*

Now, Zilli, pass this research request to Ms Awais Khattak.  [This good Student is studying for her Masters in Psychology]. 

Have her build.....   *a comprehensive Date Base with all the elements*. Periodically, have me briefed.

So incontinuation, in the days ahead, I will have the honour to task one very brave and highly intelligent student. 

Seher Alamgir Khan of King's College, UK : for insights, inferences, solutions and role for !WOW!  -the World Students Society.

I then plan to appeal to esteemed Alamgir Khan, a very successful businessman, an outstanding father, and a sterling grandfather, to graciously consider heading the Global Module for helping these students.    
This *operational research*  therefore is dedicated to Maynah Khan, Maria Imran, Ibrahim Majeed, Harem Faraz, Toby/China,  Hamad Rumi Shumyial, Tooba, Masood Khan, Dawood Khan, Ibrahim Khan, Ghazi, Haanyia Khan and Merium Khan.

ALL ANGELS-STUDENTS-CHILDREN -ALL children, including with disabilities, have the rights to live with and be cared for by their parents.

In cases where the immediate family is unable to care for a child/student with disability, the  Convention  on the  Rights of Persons with disabilities requires governments to-

''Undertake every effort to provide alternative care within the wider family, and failing that, within the community in a family setting''.

The  Convention on the  Rights of the Child/student  calls on state parties to establish programmes to  de-institutionalise children/students, including those with disabilities and return them to their-

Biological and extended families, place them in foster care, and introduce ''family and community-based solutions''.

The findings of the  Mendez Report on Torture  stress that Institutional settings are intrinsically dangerous and inherently discriminatory-

*Incarcerating people against their will and dehumanising them through subjection, cruelty and regimentation*.

*They have called for all governments to shift to family and community-based settings to improve the quality of life of these individuals*.

However, the costs of  de-institutionalisation are prohibitive and even resource-rich countries find it difficult to rehabilitate children with disabilites in line with Article 14 of the  CRPDand 21 of the CRC.De-institutionalisation

Can even lead to misuse and manipulation if it is not supported by well-thought-out strategies and funding structures.

IN AUSTRALIA,  community services are lagging far behind the process of de-institutionalisation, while in CANADA, the reduction of funding for residential institutions and psychiatric hospitals has led to an increased number of persons with disabilities in prisons.''

''At each step of the way, de-institutionalisation acted as a doorway to re-institutionalisation in the prison system for people who didn't fit or were 'unfit'.

Under the  Daphne Programme for Justice, EU governments are now rehabilitating children and adults in family and community based arrangements wherever possible-

In compliance with the UN conventions and even the more stringent European convention.

Transitioning persons with intellectual disabilities to alternative settings requires designing new systems  of care such as  safe housing and shared living accommodation within communities, and services including- 

Therapeutic interventions, education, transport and sheltered employment, all of which requires hefty government funding.  

While foster care is the most preferred alternative to institutionalisation, it can only take place in very privileged settings with strong social systems-

Till the child/Angel can be unified with his own biological or extended family or adopted after proper screening of potential caregivers.

The World Students Society thanks Researcher and Writer Rukhsana Shah for this brilliant work.

With most loving dedication to All the Students/Angels in Jails. God willing, be assured of !WOW!'s dedicated work and help for your liberty and life.

See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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