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TALKING TO YOURSELF is a damn good sign........ Thank God for that!   For off late, I have found, Zilli, muttering away   incomprehensible  jumbo-mumbo.

Well, Zilli, and  Students of the World : One thing that you will get to learn in Life is that  Life doesn't get handed to you on a platter.
You have to grab every opportunity.

Latest Research shows that  Most importantly, we also talk to ourselves a lot. 

WHEN NO ONE IS AROUND     -we're all guilty of committing heinous social crimes......right?

We pick our noses. We spend ridiculous amounts of time scrolling through texts, emails, and histogram feeds while sitting on the toilet until our legs turn numb.

We use our index figure to spoon Nutells  into our mouths at 2am just for sake of pleasure.

Most importantly,  we also talk to ourselves a Lot. While this last social crime is older than Nutella  and indoor plumbing, it's a habit many of us are still embarrassed to admit.

According to  Paloma Mari Beffa, a  PhD, senior lecturer at psychology at Bangor University, speaking aloud is a good sign. 

In a New York magazine published a science of  Us, Dr Mari Bella delved described our  ''inner talk''  as a healthy mechanism for maintaining a  ''fit brain. 

When we speak to ourselves we  ''organise our thoughts, plan actions, consolidate memory, and mandate emotions.''

Therefore talking aloud  is merely just an extension of this. So don't worry, it's totally normal..

In a study,  28 participants  were asked to read a list of instructions silently or aloud to themselves.

The participants were then tasked with completing the instructions. Dr Mari-Beffa discovered that those who read the instructions aloud had better concentration levels and performance levels.

So the next time you are repeating....  ''keys, wallet, and phone'' in an effort to remember your essentials before leaving your home, remember this isn't just some eccentric way to help your memory.

Your brain responds favourably to the sound of your own voice telling it what to so.

Still don't believe it?  Then look no farther than an intense sports game, where it's often pretty natural to hear athletes give themselves a pep talk in an effort to remain focused. 

''This can probably help explain why so many sports professionals, such as tennis players, frequently talk to themselves during competitions, often at crucial points in a game, saying things like:
''Come on!'' to help them stay focused, she said in New York magazine.

''Our ability to generate explicit  self-instructions  is actually one of the best tools we have for cognitive control,  and it simply works better when said aloud.''

And then, advance research has also found that Girls are more vulnerable and prone to  asthma :
Absence of testosterone girls may explain why females are double like to develop asthma post-puberty.

This is a finding that could lead to new treatments for the lung condition among women, research has showed.

The results of research in  France  revealed that the primary male sex hormone suppresses the production of a type of immune cell that triggers allergic asthma and acts as a barrier against males developing the inflammatory airway condition.

''Our research shows high levels of testosterone in males protect them against the development of allergic asthma,'' said  Cyril Steillet at the Physiopathology  Centre of  Toulouse-Purpan in France.

''We identified that testosterone is a protein inhibitor of innate lymphoid cells, a newly-described  immune cell that has been associated with the initiation of asthma,'' Seillet said.

These innate lymphoid cells  -or ILC2s  -'sense'  testosterone and respond by halting production of the cells.

''Testosterone directly acts on ILC2s by inhibiting their proliferation. So in males, you have less  ILC2s  in the lungs and this directly corelates with the reduced severity of asthma,'' Seillet said in a report published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

ILC2s are found in the lungs, skin and other organs.

These cells   produce inflammatory   proteins    that can    cause lung inflammation and damage in response to common triggers for allergic asthma, such as pollen, dust mites, cigarette smoke and pet hair.

Understanding the mechanism that drives the sex differences in allergic asthma could lead to new treatments for the disease, the researchers said.

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