Headline May 11, 2017/ ''' *SORROWS -BROKEN- STUDENTS* '''



AS A MATTER OF ABSOLUTE POLICY : The World Students Society, *the most democratic organizational embryonic organic cell  in the world*- 

Will always exercise- *The highest of sensibilities and sensitivities*  as regards to every Human Right, Law, Culture, and  Practice,  so in vogue in any country, the world over.

!WOW!  is the highest form of  serious work and has no desire, in any form or function, to sow discord, disunity, intrigue, innuendos, insinuations, to add to the misery and sufferings of the present world.

All and every student, to stay well clear of posting any hurting, shaming, or blasphemous content on the Web. For that will only go on to defeat the World Students Society's  glorious, and selfless purpose of serving humanity and building a better world.    

The World Students Society assures every esteemed Leader, Government and Nation of total compliance to the honor of only attempting great things and doing great things.

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Eman, Ambassador Malala, Zilli, Hussain, Faraz, Ali, Umer to ensure that......  *Proud Pakistan's*..... Telecommunication Authority is informed. 

*HOW DEEP AND WIDE*  is the network of  students/child sexual abuse? And then, how dimensional is the network of students/child sexual abuse?  
THE WORLD STUDENT SOCIETY MOURNS : And with me mourns Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Sarah, Eman,  Aqsa, Saima, Faraz, Ali Umer, Hussain, Ayaan Balouch, Merium Balouch and of course, Zilli

*The Abyss Stares* And I keep wondering, where does one begin with and how does one pick up the broken parts? 

Maybe, master researcher .Zilli, would have some answers and the headings to stare at and finally, to steer to.  .  

I took a day to myself to mourn, in private. Engineer Imran Basit,  Faraz Majeed and Umer Khan joined up late afternoon.  

For once, the great man, Pakistan's formidable son, O''Captain Imran Khan, had just so recently used a wrong word : Life seemed more than superficial. *Life seems darned hollow*.

SOME 150  TERABYTES OF PORNOGRAPHY  [RAPE And ABUSE] : one terabyte can fit 500 hours of video -which then is equal to  75,000 hours of *destroyed lives and broken students/children*. 

But this too was just a small part of an even larger network, because the tip-off that led to   *Operation Dark Room*   came from the F.B.I, which was conducting its own two year investigation into a dark net site called........... Play Pen.

While exact details have not yet been revealed, we do know that FBI technicians managed to gain control of the site and in fact directly operated it from Feb 20 to March 4, 2015 -

Infecting the computers of Play Pen users with Malware that was then used to track them down.

At that time, the site had more than  215,000     registered users and......... included links to more than    23,000      explicit images and videos of students/children some  ''barely old enough for kindergarten''.

At least  137  cases  have been brought to the US alone as a result.

But the very way in which the FBI obtained this information may in fact lead to the weakening of the case against the perpetrators, as privacy advocates are claiming-

That the FBI violated laws by infecting computers with malware as in fact guilty of committing a crime itself by operating the website as a string operation.

Defending the move, Ron Hosko, a former FBI senior official, says the agency '' had a window of opportunity to get into one the    *darkest places on Earth, and not a lot of other options except not to do it........there was no other way we could identify as many players.''

Even leaving aside legal questions, prosecuting online  paedophiles  -especially those part of globe spanning networks   -is surprisingly difficult.

In 2001, Operation Cathedral,  the biggest international police operation ever undertaken, busted what was then the world's largest paedophile network,  the  Wonderland Group.

Complete with a Chairman and a Treasurer, aspiring members of this club had to submit  10,000  pornographic images as an entry fee.

While the bust seemed like a victory it quickly emerged that police forces in many of countries involved lacked the skill to break the complex encryptions.

CIA experts tried to break the codes used by a  British Wonderland member for 30 days and failed. Thanks to legal loopholes, others were released after serving as little as six months in prison.

 Meanwhile, though the number of  students/children  abused in this case ran into  thousands,  one as young as three months old,  only 16 have been identified and one of those is presumed dead.

This, then, is a small glimpse into the vast industry of perversion that spans the globe, an industry that uses children for its material and produces only:

Misery, wretchedness, hopelessness, helplessness and utter pain.

In Shame, grief and  suffering,  With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and  Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Reforms '''

Good Night and God Bless

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