Headline May 10, 2017/ ''' STUDENTS ABUSES * SEXUAL* '''


*WERE IT FOR  ZILLI*  -The World Students Society would be embroiled in a  *Nuclear War * every single day.

And everyone, and every single one of  you,  will be hiding and living your *boring lives*,  -away in Nuclear Shelters  with your permanent rations.

*!WOW! thanks  Almighty God for creating this sterling firebrand, Zilli*

Zilli is so beautiful, that she could make it right to the top in any Hollywood, Bollywood utopia.  But far more importantly, she is highly intelligent, so well read, that it makes my head swim.

And then, Zilli, is a naturally brave girl with a live and bristling conscience. Nothing can scare her. As a matter of fact, as time will tell ya all, that when Zilli finds a problem she  looks for 3 other problems to solve. 

Mobs and odds don't scare her. On the same hand-

Local billionaire, Umer Khan, who is right up there on the Twitter Hosting, is a brave, fiery Pathan from *Lower Dir.  I task him, and he joins up with Zilli, and Zara to lead the global work on paedophiles.

Zilli and Umer Khan and  *Zara Sohail [Pakistan's Football Team]*   all three will quickly and daily learn from me, how to be  live masters on *Deep Internet*, and will spend their best moments in bringing  paedophiles to swift justice, WHEREVER. 

Zilli will lead the pack , And they will keep me regularly briefed right up to the point of post global elections, when elected students take over. 

*How deep is the network of student/child abuse?*

IN *PROUD PAKISTAN*  -as if the Kasur child sexual abuse case wasn't horrific enough, another sickening case emerged in Sargodha where a man named [SWINE FILTH  Saddat Amin was arrested for producing and distributing child pornography.

*THIS PROLIFIC PERVERT* is accused of  having produced:

65,000  - 65,000  - 65,000  -65,000  -65,000................pornographic videos of his victims...............something that is shocking enough in it and of itself-

But the circumstances of his arrest and the investigation that lead to it also bring into sharp focus the   *shadowy world  of global child sexual abuse*.

THIS IS BECAUSE   -because the investigation was prompted by a tip-off from the  Norwegian government which traced  the  *Swine Filth Amin* produced from those who consumed it all the way back to the source in Sargodha.

SWINE FILTH AMIN  wasn't just in it for for his sick pleasure, he was also in it for PROFIT,  and the videos he made were avidly consumed by the Norwegian PERVERTS with very deep, deep pockets.

Reportedly, he made close to  $38,000  from the Industry of abuse, and even planned to travel with his victims to Norway to produce more films.

*Just how deep is this network?*           

IN NOVEMBER 2016   -THE NORWEGIAN police concluded operation *Dark Room*, a year-long investigation into a network of Norwegian paedophiles who use the  *Dark Web*  to exchange child pornography.

For those who don't know, the  *Dark Web*,  also known as  'deep'  or 'invisible' web refers to the  'the part of the  World Wide Web  that is not discoverable by means of standard search engines- 

Including passwords protected-protected or dynamic pages and  encrypted networks''. 

It was the biggest and the largest paedophile bust in Norwegian history, resulting in the arrests of  51 men  including a former teacher, at least two elected officials, along with doctors, lawyers and IT professionals.

It was a sophisticated network, with stringent vetting procedures for aspiring members and advanced encryption techniques.

Some  150 terabytes of material was sized,  and to put that into context, one terabyte can fit  500 hours of video, meaning that an equivalent of 75,000 hours of videotaped rape and and abuse were seized:

*75,000 hours of destroyed lives and and broken students/children*

*To given an idea of the extent of the depravity in question,  police say:

'' One of the involved men had a  pregnant girlfriend and discussed plans with other another man to .....''SEXUALLY ABUSE''  the child once it was born.''

I repeat, yet again : How deep is the network of  student/child sexual abuse?

!*The Abyss Stares*!, as the World Students Society thanks master researcher Zarrar Khuhro.

The Honor and Serving of the  latest operational research on Student/Child abuse continues. All of you : great, good and kind and caring Students to ensure that this  research is shared with everybody the world over.

*In Shame, Grief and Tears*   the World Students Society led by Merium, Rabo, Dee, Zilli, Sarah, Saima, Sameen, Eman, Armeen, Ambassador Malala, Sameen, Areesha, Zara, Sanyia, Tooba-

Hussain, Shahzaib, Faraz, Ali, Umer, Wajahat, Bilal,  Salar, Ghazi, Hammad, Jordan, Vishnu, Toby, Reza, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Ehsan, Danyial, Zeeshan, Awais and........... 

Billions of Students the World over respectfully dedicate this research to all the-  Leaders, Parents, Law Enforcement Agencies, Students, Professors and Teachers, and to every citizen of the world:

See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and twitter-!E-WOW!
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''' God's Will '''

Good Night and God Bless

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