14-year-old graduates at Texas Christian University

A 14-year-old genius has become the youngest person to graduate from Texas Christian University.

Carson Huey-You started the physics degree in 2013 when he was 11 and had his minors in Chinese and math.

Huey-You told Worth Star-Telegram that he "had to deal with some really hard classes,”  and learned to overcome set backs and low score.

“When I used to get bad test scores or something like that, I would go home and be disappointed and think about, ‘Oh, I should have known this, I should have done way better,’ ” he said.

“I know better how to deal with that disappointment, knowing that I will bounce back.”

He now plans on getting graduate degrees in quantum mechanics.

“Quantum mechanics deals with very, very small-scale things,” Huey-You said. “Even, a lot of the times, past microscopic level so you get electrons, protons, neutrons — even smaller than that going into quarks.”

“Smartphones, computers, electronics — all of that stuff runs on quantum mechanics,” he explained.“If you want smaller technology that fits into smaller spaces, then that’s really where to look.”

The Class of 2017 also includes TCU’s second Rhodes Scholar, Caylin L. Moore, who will receive a bachelor’s degree in economics, as well as three Fulbright Scholars and 10 students with 4.0 grade-point averages.


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