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WITH MOST LOVING DEDICATION  to all the  ' Little Angels of the World' and of course, very, very special  those,  that I had the singular honour-

To meet, to know, to play with and arm-carry, and in one super case, relate to  :  Maynah Khan, Hannyia Khan, Ibrahim Majeed, Harem Faraz, Maria Imran, and Merium Khan 

*NOW LITTLE ONES as for your protests, that the  *Seniors* don't pay their taxes. 'Go, rest your tiny hearts,'   as aunty Zilli is researching the subject day in and day out*  And on global basis.

We will soon have everybody paying back more than what they owe their beautiful countries. And as you all agree, we will soon have  *One Super Mother and Human*  : 

Shahbano imran Basit  head  the  *taxes recovery exercise in Pakistan.  A great teacher for many years, well traveled,  with two beautiful children in LUMS : Mustafa and Eman, and with  Ibrahim  flapping his wings for a University in Holland-

Shahbano Imran Bait  is well placed to step forward and  serve her country *Proud Pakistan*,  the temporary conceptual host of !WOW! -the land of Great warriors: 

Ambassador Malala [Nobel Prize], Merium,  Rabo, Dee. Haleema,  Zilli, Faraz Majeed,  Zara. Ali Hassan, Saima, Sarah, Sameen, Paras, Sorat, Sanyia, Hussain and Umer Khan and all the Students of the World.

*But for now, Little Ones, here is  some specialist advise for your beautiful  parents and You*.

COMPUTERS HAVE SIMPLY BECOME AN unavoidable part of everyday life. Both at school and in the home-

A computer can be a very useful educational tool than can enhance a child's learning. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of a computer usage can help parents determine how much screen time is appropriate for their children.

But before I go on, just review this tragedy, as One Example:

Bangkok :  Thai media slammed Facebook for Live baby murder coverage - publishing images of a man killing his infant daughter in a Facebook Live video, a case that sparked outrage and raised fears of copycat killings.

A Thai media slammed news outlets that showed graphic images of the crime. At least one major daily printed on image of the murder-suicide on its front page on last Tuesday, while several TV channels aired segments of the video.

''The News Broadcasting Council of Thailand received complaints about reporting on a man who killed his child and himself via Facebook Live,'' the organization said in a statement.

''Those reports were inappropriate,'' it added, warning channels and newspapers against giving graphic coverage to similar crimes because they ''may lead to copycats''.

Thai newspaper front pages are often splashed with bloody and lurid imagery. But netizens expressed horror over the killing and said this time the coverage had gone too far.

''It was a news story, not a horror movie. Was it really necessary to release the snowbite?''  One commentator wrote in the online forum Pantip, referring to audio played by some media from the  Facebook Live stream.

And with that, I return to  !WOW!'s Subject Summit: 
Safety: To ensure a child's safety while using the computer, it's best if parents are computer literate themselves. 

Sharing an email account with a child teaching him about appropriate online behaviour are ways that can help protect the child.

If you have a shared family computer, experts suggest leaving it in a common area of the home, where children can be closely monitored.

Should your child report any uncomfortable or threatening messages while he is online, document these situations are report them to your Internet provider.

Benefits: In a world's that's increasingly reliant on computers, the integration of technology into school classrooms is on the rise at an alarming high speed even in the developing world.

Children benefit from computer usage in the classroom by learning basic skills and keyboarding, as well as enjoying programs that enhance their curriculum.

Computer skills are also essential for future generations entering the workforce.

When you use age-appropriate media alongside your children and ask questions related to the content,   you  are   encouraging   the idea  of technology as a collaborative tool, suggests 'Parents' magazine. 

The Honor and Serving of the latest  ''Operational Research"  on  *Life and Technology*  continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see you on the following one:

With most respectful dedication to Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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