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NOW -ZILLI-  *YOU DO THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY PROUD*, by planning to start your  *global election campaign*- By addressing the Parents, Students,Professors and Teachers of your Alma Mater.  

MARK MY WORDS  for posterity that : Merium, Rabo, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Haleema, Sameen, Eman, Paras, Sorat,  Ambassador  Malala [Nobel Prize]-  

Hussain,  Shahzaib, Salar, Faraz, Ali, Umer, Haider, Bilal, Jordan, Zaeem, Danyial, Vishnu/India, Toby/China  and-
God Almighty's  Little Angels : Ayaan Baluch, Mariam,  Maynah, Maria Imran, Harem, Ibrahim, Haanyia, Merium will change the world for better. 

At *Proud Pakistan" O''Captain Imran Khan should be doubly  proud of  the fact that they,  they are all his team : 2 slips and a gully, short mid-wicket and deep square leg, and a third man right on the boundary.

*Well, Students in :  Global Elections is your chance to immigrate to immortality* Now who the hell, can beat that?
*LEADERS THE WORLD OVER*   -will eventually discover and understand that Immigration is just  too tough a steel beast for anyone to tame, this century.

US's review of the  visa system, and any  rule  changes that revoked the right for wives  to work, on a dependent visa,  could force even more to change their minds.

''If that happens,'' then I would definitely be interested in going back to India. Even though I am secure, I don't want to be in a situation where my wife cannot work,'' said the engineer who declined to be named.

''Those who have heavily invested here, who've bought houses, property and are still on visas, are afraid.''  

*I'M LOOKING EASTWARD* : According to Bashyam, some Indians on   H-IB visas were cancelling plans to return home to visit their families in case they had problems getting back into the United States.

''With everything that's going on, travelling outside the US is the biggest fear for a lot of the  H-IB workers working in the  IT staffing industry,'' he said.

And the uncertainty is not limited to IT. 
Trump's campaign rhetoric around tighter visa rules has led some Indian students  considering  studying a broad  to look beyond the United States, which typically draws in over  100,000  Indian students annually.

One Canadian official said the number of student visa applications for certain courses in Canada had spiked over  250 per cent since Trump's elections win in November.     

So Brexit won. And while it would be totally unfair and wrong to imply that everyone who voted for it did so for racist reasons, it is also true that when Brexit won the racists won.

But the morning after the referendum many woke up in a Britain where to suggest that an  anti-EU vote had anything to do with racism meant you were a part of a London elite.

Brexit was re-configured as the triumph of the Overlooked, the democratic roars of the Ones Who Were Left Behind.

Now the London liberal elite would be forced to hear the pain of the white working class. 

The key word there, of course, is 'white'.  The black and Asian working class have been removed from the analysis entirely because their far more pro-migrant political stance complicates that the line that this is about those on the margins standing up to those at the centre of power.  

Now, people who a few years ago  who were rightly derided as pedaling racist notions about the danger of migrants are being called  ''prescient'';
rather treating the lies and hysteria of the Brexit campaign and the assassination of Jo Cox-

As a reason for standing up to the anti-migrant rhetoric, the pundits and politicians are telling us we must listen to the  'genuine grievances'  of alienated Britons.

Here's the funny thing  though, Research has shown   -repeatedly-  that the highest anti-migrant feeling exists in parts of Britain where there are the lowest rates of migration.

It's the idea of  The Migrant  that the people hate and fear more than the reality of it. If there's any hope, it's in that. And that's why, through all of this, ad despite the  isolated incident of the ridiculous young man telling me to go home.

I've never been happier and than to be in London, with it's Muslim Mayor, its pro-EU sentiment, it's ability to know how people should live together. This is not an elite bubble. It's what hope looks like.

I've been thinking a lot in the months since Brexit of a greengrocer I was talking to in Brent, which in London's most  radically-mixed borough.

He grew up in a  mostly white neighborhood, now his neighbors are Pakistani, Indian, Albanian, Caribbean.

When I asked him about  changing demographics  he said, ''There are really only two kinds of people from my point of view. Those who eat fresh produce and those who don't.

And if they do, I find out what kind of vegetables they need for their kitchen, and then I stock them, and they buy them. That simple.   

An Afghan national, refereed to as M2, was also stripped of his British citizenship in 2014 after being tracked by MI5. The 27-year old managed to re-enter the UK just months later.

M2 had appealed to the  Home Secretary's decision, strongly denying the claims that he is an extremist, but the  Siac judges, ruled that under the civil burden of proof-

''It's very highly probable that he is an Islamist extremist'' who has  engaged in terrorist-related activities'  by acting as a courier for an ''important   al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan.

Despite the allegations, he has never been charged with any terror-related offence. he now intends to appeal the verdict, preparing for a process that could take years. 

The judge not only agreed with the move to revoke his nationality, but also described his history as  ''curious''.

The ruling depicts the journey of a man who arrived alone in Britain as child, is said to have become of the  Tablighi jamaat, who was tried and acquitted for a serious sexual assault charge and was trailed in the car park of a  PC World store by a man from named  ''Tom''  from MI5. 

No Guarantees Then : The cases challenge the  long-held perception amongst immigrants. especially Pakistanis, that naturalisation is the final stage in settling in Britain or that acquiring citizenship through birth was as permanent as gold.

But in a clear sign of new thinking,  the British Home Office has overturned such beliefs by broadening its use of  anti-terrorism powers and stripping the convicts of their British nationalities-

*Stressing that citizenship is a privilege, not a birth right*.

With most respectful dedication to the Leader, celebrated researcher and novelist Kamila Shamsie, for her brilliant work, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world-

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