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TELL YA ALL WHAT........Delegation and after delegation, roumer laden, accost me with all kinds of news, here at  *Proud Pakistan*-

And request for an inference and even a  comment. Transition to Democracy is some exercise.

*Emotion laden and in deep mourning*,  having just returned from the province of KPK,   a visit for and on  behalf of the World Students Society, I can barely contain my tears.

''Remember,'' I say to all : And You all in particular : 
Merium, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Saima, Eman,  *Zilli*,  Ambassador Malala, Hussain, Shahzaib,  and two rising leaders and  stars from Pakistan: Faraz Majeed, and Ali Hassan:

''Any  Nation, can survive anything.   But No Nation van survive the  *Poverty Of The Mind* 

*The Poverty of the Mind* is most manifest in the manner in which critical matters are kept out of debate. 

*Whims  and fads will get no nation or you,  nowhere. They never have and never will*.

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PROFESSOR CHIGOZIE OBIOMA     -is a professor of literature and creative writing at the  University of Nebraska-Lincoln    and the author of the novel:

''The Fishermen''

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Lincoln, Neb: As my country,  Nigeria,  unravels   -thanks to what only die-hard optimists and the news media euphemistically refer to as a ''recession'' I find myself living in America, witnessing what be the most vicious election in the country's history. 

I began following  American politics  closely in 2008, when Barrack Obama considered at the time by most  Nigerians as our African brother, became president.
A strong proponent of restoring black people's dignity by action not just grievance. I was moved to tears by that milestone. Then came the 2012 election just two months after I arrived in the United States, and Mr.Obama won me over again when he stood against Mitt Romney.

Now that four years have passed, and I have studied, lived and worked in the United States, my views about the nation's politics have changed. I now believe that America's greatest problem is its political polarization.

In Nigeria, and across most of black Africa, what divides us is mostly tribalism and religion. We are not, as yet divided by ideology. But here, the left-right ideological divide is tearing the country apart.

Ideology can generate the same amount of hatred generally as religion and tribalism, and is the case with places where the other two dominate, it is dangerous when a group acquires any appearance of absolute power.

As the American culture lurches towards the liberal left. I fear it maybe seeking such power.

The left has developed a potent strategy against which the right simply cannot contend, characterizing those who do not embrace liberal values as morally bankrupt, using labels like ''bigot'' among the worst of insults to Americans.

I have observed that the default dynamic of public interaction here is for people to try to parse the group's consensus, and for everyone  -every single person-   to navigate towards that.

Most people will not say what they truly feel. This is what has confounded me the most about America in the time, I have been here: The fear of being labeled with a disparaging term  -often simply for articulating a perspective that does not align with liberal political values   -causes many to remain silent.

Freedom of Speech is being severely curtailed through out the country,

I am even more troubled because I can trace the unraveling of my country to a similar type of authoritarianism. 

In the past, the West designated Africans as  ''barbaric,''  ''uncivilized'' and ''crude,'' among other terms. It did not matter, for example, that the Igbo tribe in  West Africa  practiced a  leaderless egalitarian system while Britain was governed by Monarchs-

the labels stuck nevertheless, and they helped lead to the  slave trade and colonialism, among other negative practices that African people are still recovering from today.        
Here in Nebraska, I have talked with quiet number of people who will vote for Donald J Trump because they see him resisting the rising authoritarianism of the far left.

Many people who support Mr. Trump have principles arguments for making this decision, that many on the left often simply label Trump supporters to evil or  bigots    -without even trying to understand their perspectives  -in that way further alienating them, and deepening the divide.

So had this state of affairs become that President Obama urged students on college campuses to be open to those who may not share their views and maintain a cultural of civil engagement,

Western democracy is sustainable only when a balance is preserved between two polar opposites. Americans should vote for the candidate who might best strike this balance.

*The results of the election exercise are now some months old. And the changes are for all,  -the whole world-  to see*.

Angry at yourself for fearing hate?  Merium, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Eman, Paras, Sorat, Dee, Saima, Sarah,Aqsa,  Haider,  Shahzaib, Salar, Jordan, Bilal, Hussain, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Faraz Majeed, Ali Hassan-

And little Angels : Ibrahim Majeed, Harem, Maynah Khan, Maria Imran, Hannyia Khan, and Merium Khan?     
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