Headline April 18, 2017/ ''' *VENICE* - vide - VIBGYOR '''

''' *VENICE* - vide - VIBGYOR '''

*NOTHING IN THE WORLD*  WOULD DELIGHT ME MORE   in this, -and just one lifetime,   than to see all your  *great mothers holiday in Venice*

If possible, to get all of them together. All paid for by the *World Students Society*,  most lovingly called, !WOW!

Students : Merium? Rabo? Saima? Shahzaib? Haleema? Vishnu/India? Toby/China? Eman/?  Dee/? Mustafa/?  Reza/Canada? Jordan?/US, Haanyia?/ Merium/?  Harem/? Danyial/? Zaeem/? Sarah/?, Armeen/? Saanyia/? Ghazi/? Ibrahim Majeed/? 

With Most respectful and loving dedication to   *All The Great Mothers Of the World* and then, of course :

Begum Sahiba [BS] Nusrat Bhutto, BS Benazir Bhutto, BS Kulsum Nawaz Sharif. BS Shaukat Khanum, BS Hillary Clinton, BS Michelle Obama,  BS Sajida Sultan Abbasi, BS Shamim Akhter, BS Naseem Akhter, BS Saadat Perveen, BS Raeesa Begum, BS Hanif Ghaniwalla's mother.

BS Surryia Nawaz Malik, BS Mahmoda Asif, BS Talat Masud Reza, BS Munawer, BS Saleem Khan Kasuria, BS Nargis Zaid , BS  Sabiha Shahid Shakoor, BS Imran Basit's mother, BS Khadija Javed Khan, and Ambassador Malala Yusufzai's mother. 

BS Jamila Iqbal Querishi, BS Dr. Fehmida Tufail Querishi, BS Sajida Basharat Akber Khan, BS Uzma Naqvi, BS Shabana Rumi, BS Halema's mother, BS Saima Hanif's mother, BS Alamgir Khan, BS Dee's mother, BS Sheikh Razzak[Faraz Majeed's mother]  BS Ali Hassan's mother, BS Vishnu's mother.
*Every Student in the World,  should email the name and particulars of their mother, so that I can honour them in the Headline Research Post. Even the whole world is invited to do so*.

*Merium, Rabo, Haleema*,  to ensure that these above names are all moved to the Sam Museum Of History* 

*Violet, Indigo, Brown, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red  : *VIBGYOR*   But before I proceed further and farther, all students to ensure that they explain to their great mother's that-

Central Venice and San Marco precinct is completely water locked, and no cars can get to even its fringes. even if you arrive by train, you need to take a water bus or taxi next to reach central Venice.

VENICE  is a centuries-old trading port on the Mediterranean, and one of the main cities of Italy. It was originally built in a lagoon by the the locals who were constructing their homes and shops on wooden planks.

Slowly these houses and shops coalesced to form bigger mansions separated by small canals which are essentially used as regular streets except with boats or gondolas in place of cars and taxis.

Venetians were smart people, and they controlled the trade between western Europe and the east, and overtime became quite rich.

Cunning observers, they avoided conflict at home while funding the crusaders during medieval times to attack Byzantine Christian Empire for purely economic reasons.

The 13th century fourth crusade which brought down the Byzantine Empire was unique in the sense that  Christians fought against Christians, and the plunders from Constantinople found their way to Venice.

One of the mementos was the  4th century  Triumphal Quadriga, sculpture comprising a set of bronze horses which was then set up in front balcony of Saint Mark's basilica.

The horses guarded the basilica for centuries before being looted by Napoleon in 1797; however,  Venice did manage to get them back in 1815. Wary of another episode in the future, Venetians put replicas outside the cathedral.

Piazza San Marco is the central square of Venice. It gets its name from the grand Saint Mark's Basilica completed around 1071. Saint Mark's cathedral was originally the Doge's chapel until it became the seat of the Archbishop in 1807.

In front of the Cathedral is the expansive Piazza San Marco dotted with handicraft shops and cafes. The historic  1720  Caffe Florian with its plush antique furniture and almost three-century old tradition of offering coffee is also located in the square.

The  U-shaped central Venice is spread like a maze of narrow streets and canals with typical bridges connecting churches, shops and courtyards. 

A typical city tour takes you on an elegant gondola ride through these narrow canals, and one is amazed by the navigating skills of the boatmen.

These boatmen, sporting Ray-Bans and flaunting chiseled bodies, look like something straight out of Hollywood movie. If you can cough up some more money, you can actually have a personal orchestra singing for you in your chartered gondolas.

These gondolas are very tastefully decorated with golden railings and velvet sofas. A trip to Venice is not complete without a gondola ride.

There are several bridges that connect San Marcos to other precincts of Venice over the Grand Canal. But the most legendary of these is Rialto Bridge, which connects San Marcos with San Polo precinct.

Rialto Bridge has been featured in many Hollywood movies like  From Russia with Love or  The Tourist. 

You can actually visualise  James Bond speeding in a water taxi and through the canals being chased by gangsters. Both Roger Moore and Danial Craig have played 007 here in  Moonraker   and   Casino Royale.

And if you are a Julie Roberts fan, then you would be happy to know that Everyone Says I Love You was also filmed close to Saint Mark's cathedral.

Standing on Rialto Bridge, one can enjoy the lights of Venice when  the sun goes down. Just next to the bridge are the famous fish market and the  San Giacomo. Church which also has some nice antique musical instruments.

Venice is known for its mask shops, ice cream and coffee joints, and gondola rides  The best time to visit is of course summers as winters can be quite cold here.

However, winters do provide the luxury of less crowds, more serenity and romance.

As the saying goes: ''Nothing ever seems straight  forward in Venice, least of all its romances.''

True! on that. With appreciation for Omar M Khan!

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter -!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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