Headline April 17, 2017/ ''' *THE QUEEN'S BLACK HANDBAG* '''


*HER SIMPLE HANDBAG* : THE QUEEN  reportedly uses her purse to send secret signals to her staff.

*Queen Elizabeth II is rarely seen without a bag*.

A report in the  Telegraph says that the Queen uses the placement of her bag to signal her staff about her needs.

The report also reveals what's inside her purse, including lipstick, a compact mirror and cash for church donations, plus family photos and trinkets.

Whenever Queen Elizabeth II   appears in public,   she wears trusty accessories: A whimsical hat and a simple handbag. Most everyone recognizes her simple black purses-

But few know that the Queen actually uses them to send signals to her staff, according to a new report on the telegraph.

It's a simple system that can help her gracefully exit any uncomfortable situations: If the  Queen is at a dinner and places her handbag on the table, the Telegraph reports, her staff knows that she wants the event to end in the next five minutes.

And if she puts the bag on the floor, it signals that she likes to be rescued from her current conversation.

The item she carries inside her many purses  -she's said to own over 200 Launer handbags, one of her favorite brands   -have also remained mysterious, but the  Telegraph cited a few insiders who claimed to know its contents.

The majority of of the Queen's items are carried by her ladies-in-waiting.

But the Queen does carry a compact mirror and lipstick, one royal biographer told the  Telegraph, and paparazzi cameras  occasionally catch her reapplying the product, as one photo from 2011:

Sally Bedell Smith, author of   Elizabeth The Queen :
The Woman Behind The Throne, said that the Queen also carries  ''reading glasses, mint lozenges, and a fountain pen'', as well as a  ''precisely folded Pound 5 or Pound 10 note  ''for church collection on Sundays.

Elizabeth also stashes a hook that suctions to the bottom of a table and holds her purse safely off the ground.

One person who attended a dinner with the  Queen said that she saw the monarch  ''discreetly''  spit in the in the hook's suction cup before attaching it to the bottom of the table.

*It's nice to know even monarchs have a little trouble making suction cups stick*.

Royal Biographer  Penny Junor also  speculated  that the Queen's handbag might contain a cell phone.

''She does have a mobile and she speaks to her grandchildren on it,'' Junir told the Telegraph. ''I don't know whether it's a  *smartphone*  though.'' 

Finally, the  queen seems to carry around  number of personal items. The Telegraph cites Phil Dampier, author of  What's In The Queen's Handbag & Other Royal Secrets-

Who wrote that the  Queen's purse contains family photos and trinkets from her grandchildren, including  ''miniature dogs, horses and saddles.''

What really set the  Queen apart from commoners is what she doesn't carry in her purse. She doesn't have a  passport or keys, and has no real need to carry around cash or credit cards.

And, of course,  not every woman can be saved from  dull small talk  by a simple repositioning of her purse.

*That's a pretty sweet royal advantage.''  True!  And  !WOW!  thanks Daily Times Monitor.

And then,  strictly,   in the  context of  Purses & Money,  very much in London the  *Royal Bank Of England*  is rising from ruins as a shadow of former self:

Nine years after the beginning of a  45-billion pound  bailout by the British government, Royal Bank of England  is emerging from its restructuring process a shadow of what was once the *biggest lender in the world*.

RBS has a balance sheet of  *2.4 trillion pounds*  in 2008  -almost double Britain's  annual  economic output at the time  -having staged a meteoric rise from being a small Scottish lender in the early 1990s.

Since the bailout it has offloaded billions of pounds of assets a week, as it tries to shrink down to being a simple  UK-focused lender. 

Later this year RBS will shut  its  Capital Resolution division, which has sold off large chunks of its huge stockpile of unwanted assets. 

The closure will mark a  milestone in the bank's road to recovery, with its balance sheet around  1.6 trillion pounds    lighter than when its great sell-off began.

''For the first time in a long time there is a distinction between yesterday and and tomorrow,'' Mark Bailie , who runs the unit told Reuters in an interview at the lender's ultra modern-glass-and-steel office in London financial district.

With most respectful dedication to  *Her Royal Highness: Queen Elizabeth II*  and the entire Royal Family, and all subjects.

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