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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY, lovingly and respectfully called !WOW! and  *Sam Daily Times : *The Voice of The Voiceless*   and Ecosystem 2011, is: 

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!WOW! : and the students of Proud Pakistan Wish :

To express their admiration  and  appreciation to  *The Great Students Of Philippines*   for their invincible support. We hope that You, the Students of Philippines, will continue to spread awareness and ensure that every Parent, Student, Professor and Teacher joins up 

UNPLUGGED FROM CRITICAL OPERATIONS, and banished to Philippines,  I found myself screaming, kicking and whining for all to hear.

But beaming at the Manila airport, was a welcoming committee of three beautiful people,  led by an elderly, greying, centered  and dignified  Mrs Venancia Ramos/Capital Placement Centre.

Like a benevolent and a loving aunt, she embraced me, joked about my journey, and having given instructions to the other members about my safety, security and lodgings, took me straight to work, with a remark: 

''Don't let jet lag get in the way. There are messages and important work waiting for you.'' 

True!   At the  office,  I found myself staring at many feet  of  telex messages, all curled and coiled  into a cylindrical shape..

This was the time and moment,  just after Marcos had been ousted. And the great people of Philippines  pitched and yawed   in utter poverty, hopelessness and helplessness.

In the days and weeks ahead, the highly intelligent, highly skilled and beautiful people of Philippines,  welcomed me even into their homes and hearts. 

Extending to me kindness, graciousness and honors that time just failed to erase. I thank them, yet again, even at so late a date and time.

 And they  topped everything by inviting me to the  extension inauguration of the Mosque in Manila.

I attended many prayers their and prayed for the people of Philippines. And reinforced my desire of  love and admiration for the people of Philippines by ensuring that all applicants seeking openings were  hired without fear or favor.   

''*Never turn anybody away, without bringing it to my direct notice, no matter where I am. and what the time,''* I requested. All colleagues were too happy to comply.

My departure was a spectacle. Tears all around.  The farewell dinners and lunches just won't end. Mementos and gifts grew to alarming proportions. 
The great book : ''Peoples Power''  signed by just about everybody.

I have since,  handed over the said book, to Dee, for safe custody for the World Students Society.

With a heavy heart, I headed for my new assignment to : ''The Land of the Morning Calm :  South Korea.''

PAKISTAN AND INDIA  started together as  independent countries. Being larger and more diverse than Pakistan, India has faced more cohesion issues than Pakistan-

Multilingual and multi-religious cultures have taken a backseat and now India is  a nation, both through sustained and  capable leadership and by developing the *Stop & Yield*  mindset.

Their leaders have inspired a  collective vision . They are now a proud nation, wielding power in all spheres of life. 
While speaking to  senior citizens in Karachi who had recently visited India, I asked as to why Indians have taken such big strides while we are lagging behind.

We, after all, have identical multilingual, multi-cultural problems and corruption is rife in both countries.

The gist of the senior citizen's answer was unstinting patriotism of the average Indian. No matter what part of India he comes from, he is always ready to extend a helping hand to his fellow country-men.

Also, his lifestyle is modest.

According to a senior executive at a  multinational bank  in Karachi, when he returned to Pakistan after  a  two-year  deputation in  Indonesia, he felt as if he'd landed among   170  million egos.

Similarly, a Pakistani friend living in the  US, explains researcher Hanif Habib,  said, that  whenever he attends a social event in Pakistan, anyone he meets tries to find out what his bank balance is.

*A few questions about  'what you do',  'who you know'  and  'where you live' give an idea about the financial strength of the interviewee, which enables the interviewer to decide if the person is worth continuing a conversation with*.

*It has to be said, our perception of others are based on opportunities. When we think someone is stronger than us    -politically or financially  -we are ready to bow before him*.

He becomes our role model. Once we reach the social status of the person we bow before, we look down on those who are weaker than us.

Foreign investments will not flow into Pakistan because of the road shows, speeches making tall claims, and extravagant foreign travels of our government officials.

*If we cannot display responsible collective behaviour, be it on the road or in power corridors, no one will want to know about, or work with us*.

Pakistan is strategically located and has been blessed with countless natural and human resources. 

Everyone can benefit from them, but not by continuously dealing with us in the hope that we will improve.

We need to learn when to  'Stop and Yield'. And if we want to learn from successful nations, we must take into account the sacrifices they had to make . 

*We must go back to the drawing board and start all over again*. 

With most respectful dedication to the Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers and all citizens of Philippines. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society  and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Nations & !WOW! '''

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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