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FROM *PROUD PAKISTAN*  : THE  WORLD  HONORS   STUDENT MALALA YUSUFZAI  And appoints her the youngest United Nations's Ambassador of Peace.

The World Students Society : *Computers-Internet-Wireless and for Every subject and discipline in the world*   applauds and  honors,  and goes on to add  the names of other and equally great and very brave students :

*All  Ambassadors of  *Content*  and  *Narrative* : All so Resilient Hosts of the World Students Society, lovingly called, !WOW!: Do watch and record their work.   

Merium, Rabo,  Haleema, Sameen, Saima, Sarah, Dee, Areesha, Paras, Sorat, Eman/LUMS, Armeen/LUMS, Aqsa, Tooba, Mahnoor, Sanyia, Talat-

Hussain, Shahzaib, Haider, Ali, Ahsen, Jordan, Bilal Malik, Jordan, Vishnu/India, Toby/China,   Salar, Reza/Canada, Danyial/UK, Rahym/UK, Zaeem, Hazeem, Faizan, Mustafa/LUMS, Ibrahim, Hammad Rumi, Majeed/Malaysia, and Ibrahim Faraz and Hassan 

And the Lord's little Angels : Harem Faraz Majeed, Maynah Khan, Hannyia Khan, Maria Imran, and the budding  tennis star, Merium Khan.

{And the other truth is that, nothing describes Students more than  *IIbel far niente*,  meaning the beauty of doing nothing or the sweetness of doing nothing}.    

WATCHING THE DEVELOPING WORLD   -swirl in and out,      one just can't help being punched in the face  by  *two qualities*-

*Yes, Two qualities*  that one never tires of seeing ascribed to the respective motherlands and its accomplished citizens are : how resilient that particular nation is, and that, and how that  nation just can't stop oozing great talent.

And then in the context of Proud Pakistan : It is these very character traits that have made us the envy of the world ever since since a young general by the name of-

Mohammed bin Qasim landed on these shores many moon shots ago, without a valid visa stamped on his Umayyad passport. 

Thank You, Farid Alvie, point taken.

THE WORLD OVER  -MORESO,  in the developing world, the mushroom growth of news channels, has awakened the self-righteous critic in each one of us.  

We find it difficult to agree with others and seldom entertain the thought. ''Hey, Can I be wrong?''  Maybe, it's as good time as any, for us to look well within.

One can understand the  collective behaviour  of a group of people by observing  vehicular traffic  on the road   -how they move together shows how they think, not only about themselves but also about others.

In our part of the world,  traffic police officers stop cars for inspection based on their perception of the status of the men behind the driving wheel.

Many drivers don't stop their cars when the signal turns red, but the police invariably catch only the ones who come across as the weakest.

Take the following into account as well : 

Pedestrians, even at a zebra- crossing, fear getting knocked over, senior citizens get honked at for being too slow to cross the road; and rickshaws and motorcycles viewed by owners of expensive cars as a nuisance and an impediment to a smooth driving.

Of course, the motorcycle riders, too, seem to believe that they should apply brakes only in case of an emergency.

If an acquaintance is crossing the road on foot or in his/her car, we show the utmost respect to him/her  even if we, while doing so, violate the traffic rules.

As if we're still living in  colonial times, our rulers and elites, it appears, are here to enforce laws, not to follow them. Everyone has their own area of influence and they use it to circumvent the law.

Let us look at it differently now. To achieve maximum material benefit in life, we commit over-speeding,  break the law, leaving a casual trail in our quest to survive and prosper.

Bank loans are written off for the powerful, while the honest but not-so-fortunate small borrowers aren't spared for taking calculated business risks that often don't prove beneficial.

People with big portfolios, regardless of how sound their background is, get the best   -ministries from the government and they move around with maximum security, while those-

Who abstain from all of this because of their decent upbringing and find themselves way down in the social ladder.

Performance is not the the criterion to judge people's talent. It requires submission to to the will of the ruling elite.

Once in the  US, while driving, I came across an unmanned intersection, and there was no traffic light, It only had a  Stop and Yield  sign displayed on one side of the road.

Every car would approach this  four-way  intersection and come to a complete halt. The first car to stop completely would have the right to cross first. Everyone made sure this  [unsupervised]  norm was not violated.

Another example : I was with my children at a water resort in Indiana, narrates researcher Hanif Habib, and  A lady saw her  seven-year  old daughter jump the queue.

She immediately called her to the back and lovingly-

Explained to her that there were already people waiting in line ahead of them. 

O'' World Students, the whole world is watching You. *Stop and Yield and get moving with !WOW!*.

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Good Night and God Bless

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